Takeaways from our #freelancingisforeveryone campaign

  • March 30, 2021

We initially kicked off International Women’s Month in a bit of a panic once we realised that only 15% of Xolo users are women. After all, how could we possibly presume to celebrate the female entrepreneur when more than half of the global population is currently so under-represented on our platform?

But rather than trying to make excuses, we decided to make this International Women’s Month campaign all about exploring ways to make freelancing and entrepreneurship more inclusive — not just for women, but for everyone! Here’s what we’ve been up to during our #freelancingisforeveryone campaign: 

The feedback is already rolling in from Bea’s coworking sessions: 

“Thank you very much. I had a great session with Bea. To be honest I was a bit sceptical about how effective coaching would be via voxer, but Bea surprised me and by far exceeded my expectations of what I thought is possible. She was so attentive and in tune with me. I really felt like she got me and always knew what to say no matter what I threw at her. She helped me get clarity, to think outside the box and gave me lots of good resources. We got so much done in those 8 hours. I highly recommend her. I totally would work with her again. She’s amazing! Thank you for giving me this opportunity!” – Nadja, budding entrepreneur

“The coaching session with Bea was the first coaching session I ever did. She quickly understood what I was going through and showed great empathy.” – Paulina, travel blogger

** Note: we’ll continue sharing feedback from Bea’s “co-workers” as we hear back!

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Women’s Month may be coming to a close, but the past three weeks have made it abundantly clear that our work to make the freelance space more accessible and inclusive is just beginning! But before we move forward, it’s important to take stock of what we’ve learned. So with that in mind, here are this author’s favourite takeaways from our #freelancingisforeveryone campaign: 

  • Every. single. minute of the Imposter Syndrome webinar. Especially insightful/mind-blowing moments included:
    • There are 5 different sub-types of imposter syndrome
    • Men not only suffer from imposter syndrome, but some might even say they have an even tougher time since they have traditionally been discouraged from expressing difficult emotions
    • How unfair it is that we compare ourselves at our very worst to others at their best
    • To begin to break free from imposter syndrome, we must learn to be kinder to ourselves while also adjusting our standards to a level where we won’t be left constantly feeling inadequate
  • That you and the life you lead — are not fixed. You are not someone who is always the same, and our lives are always changing in subtle and not-so-subtle ways. Maybe at one stage of your life you want to stay home and concentrate on raising a family. And then maybe at some point down the road you decide you want to take on a new challenge, something that maybe even scares you. There is no prescribed path for success and ultimately it’s up to you to decide what success means for you. – From Confessions of a Founder (who happens to be female) 
  • Hearing from so many of you in your emails, messages, and comments about how glad you are that we are taking on this initiative while sharing your own stories and hopes for the future! 

When I asked my coworker, Kristin, about how she felt about our Women’s Month campaign coming to an end, she summarised it better than I ever could: 

“I think this campaign really activated a sense of community within our own customers and other female freelancers as well. By telling stories from other women, I really hope that we were able to unlock a sense of inspiration among women who have been holding back when starting their own path whether it’s because of imposter syndrome or questions left unanswered.”

Thanks to everyone who took part in this year’s #freelancingisforeveryone campaign. Here’s to kicking off next year with significantly higher numbers of female Xolopreneurs! 

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