The Ultimate List Of 77 Top Freelance Marketplaces In 2023

  • January 1, 2023

Freelancers are the fastest-growing segment of the European labor market, driving the growth of independent work. The overall number of freelancers has been growing steadily over the last decade except for in Germany where the number of freelancers has remained constant at 1.3 million since 2009.

The rise in demand for freelance work has led to the rise of online platforms offering remote and project-based opportunities. As a freelancer, your needs vary significantly from those of the usual office-going employee, and so we decided to put together this complete freelancing marketplace list.

On the other side of the marketplace sits a massive customer base of many individuals or businesses looking for high quality work at lower costs. These companies benefit from the lower costs as compared to hiring agencies or larger companies. They also benefit from the many individuals who come from various backgrounds. 

When browsing through the internet looking for freelance websites, there are several things you should consider. Some platforms have more users, so there’s plenty of opportunities and gigs if you’re looking to hire, while other platforms might deal with more specific fields and industries. And, of course, the pricing will vary across different platforms. While some industries and roles may look similar, the services on freelance platforms are vastly different, not just in terms of available employment, but also in terms of a membership structure. It’s important to be aware of pricing that might include any costs and finder’s fees associated with working with a third-party supplier of this type. Availability and work quality may also change based on the freelance platform you use.

Each of these platforms has different USPs, and it is vital to research which is right for you. This article will introduce you to many popular freelance platforms and help you understand their areas of expertise, business model, payment processes, benefits, and drawbacks.

What are Freelance Marketplaces?

Freelance marketplaces are online platforms for companies to meet and engage with freelancers who are looking to offer their services. Companies throughout the world use freelance marketplaces to recruit temporary workers for jobs and projects that don’t need long-term commitment.

Freelancers can build a profile, present their work portfolio, connect with employers and find clients through freelancing platforms. Companies can search for a freelancer using a freelancer directory or by posting a job. This lets companies find freelancers based on experience, skills, and other relevant criteria.

Freelance marketplaces usually make money by collecting a percentage of the freelancer’s earnings. These platforms provide both parties a hassle-free and seamless business experience for the commission they charge.

As a result, companies can outsource a variety of tasks to freelancers and focus on other core activities.

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Best Marketplaces to Start Your Freelance Career

1. Fiverr

Fiverr is a popular freelancing platform with a wide variety of freelancing projects in fields such as graphics & design, marketing, tech & programming, and video animation, to name a few. 

Fiverr review: Benefits of using Fiverr as a freelancer

Fiverr is unique from its competitors because of its commitment to users’ privacy and security. Fiverr guarantees that its client’s details are concealed. It only reveals enough information for freelancers to get in touch with their clients or vice versa. In addition, all payments are made within Fiverr’s interface, which means that no third party can see users’ payment details. 

Further, clients can easily access freelancers’ profiles and ratings, which builds trust towards the platform and its freelancers. 

Fiverr equips freelancers with automated time management and invoicing tools, allowing them to work efficiently. 

Fiverr review: What are the cons of using Fiverr?

However, many freelancers often complain about the platform’s high commission rate. For instance, Fiverr charges freelancers 20% of their total pay per project, which means that Fiverr takes $20 for every $100 earned. This high commission rate often leads to freelancers finding alternatives to Fiverr.

Couple the issue of high commission with the level of competition that freelancers at Fiverr face, and the platform isn’t so attractive to freelancers anymore.

Unfortunately, the bitter truth for many freelancers at Fiverr is that they are forced to undercut themselves initially.


2. Freelancer

Freelancer is an excellent platform for small and medium-sized businesses that need access to expert talent and experience. Freelancer has the largest pool of freelancers globally, at over 50 million. Freelancers can bid for relevant projects and are hired when clients approve their bids.

Freelancer review: Benefits of using Freelancer

On Freelancer, you can talk to clients directly through live chat and business-to-business messaging. The time tracker also allows you to track how much time you have spent on a particular client without needing any third-party apps. Moreover, the variety of jobs available on the platform is incredible. Freelancers caters to a number of skill sets such as app development, logistics, design, and data entry, among others. 

The Milestone Payments option at Freelancer offers protection to both clients and freelancers by giving equal control over created payments. Further, Freelancer has quick and reliable customer service. 

Freelancer review: Cons of using Freelancer

Many freelancers often complain that it charges fees that are higher than its competitor platforms. Freelancer levies a fee on each project a freelance completes on an hourly-rate basis. Additionally, the fee for fixed-priced projects is 10% of the payment or $5.00, whichever is greater. Although you can start with a free account, unlocking better features and lower transaction fees requires you to pay. In addition, since competition is exceptionally high, it isn’t easy to land your first project and get started on the platform.

3. Upwork 

Upwork is a freelance marketplace platform that connects you with short- and long-term clients. It offers freelancing opportunities across sectors, including software development, creative design, sales, marketing, and more. 

Upwork is considered a “luxury” platform, and the clients on the platform tend to pay higher than average rates for freelance services. However, this means that the expected work quality is higher and requires greater attention to detail.

Upwork review: Pros of using Upwork for freelancers

Upwork’s communication channels that allow for video messaging along with text are uniquely positioned to foster professional collaboration between clients and freelancers. The platform lets freelancers create message rooms with their clients, allowing you to share files, add members to the room, and track conversations. Upwork also provides a personal notepad for each room, allowing you to brainstorm and be better organized for each client. Additionally, the platform has a Zoom integration, allowing you to video call clients directly. 

For ease of payment, Upwork gives freelancers the option to link their bank accounts, so project payments are transferred directly. Not needing a third-party payment application makes the process simpler for clients and freelancers.  

Upwork review: Cons of using Upwork

However, Upwork is not without drawbacks. Many freelancers find the platform more competitive than Upwork alternatives. This means that you may not hear back from clients quickly or at all. 

How to get more freelance clients on Upwork?

Our tip? Go the extra mile to stand out. Offer your clients world-class customer service, and you’ll keep them coming back for more!

Look at the competitiveness as an opportunity to grow as a freelancer, and you will gain access to a helpful and enthusiastic community at Upwork. 


4. PeoplePerHour 

PeoplePerHour is trusted by nearly 1 million businesses worldwide. It connects companies to an international community of freelancers. Its freelance opportunities, similar to Upwork, cover a wide range of categories: writing and translation, digital marketing, design, programming, branding, sales, and many more. 

PeoplePerHour review: Pros of using PeoplePerHour

Unlike PeoplePerHour alternatives, the platform allows freelancers to work on-site. This means that clients can hire browse freelancers based on location and request them to come on-site for projects.

PeoplePerHour review: Drawbacks of PeoplePerHour

However, in PeoplePerHour’s reviews, freelancers often complain about PeoplePerHour’s fees, stating that it is not worth paying for what the platform provides. If you are considering signing up to a freelance platform, here’s a look at the fees that PeoplePerHour charges:

Billing per buyer (lifetime)

Service fee (excluding VAT)

> £5,000


>£250 &



Further, clients also pay steep fees with many hidden costs such as an additional £10 to flag their project listing as urgent, £15 to mark their project as “featured,” and £26 to add a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). 

The lack of a time tracking app in their website’s interface also poses difficulties for freelancers who offer services based on hourly rates. Adding this feature could give the platform the boost it desperately needs!

5. Toptal

Toptal helps companies find the top tier (3%) of world-class freelancers, including developers, designers, financial experts, and product managers. Freelancers undergo a rigorous screening process before being accepted onto the site, but the lucrative projects available make it worthwhile.

Total review: Benefits of using Total as a starting freelancer

Many freelancers choose Toptal because of its host of reliable clients. It allows users to work on projects with thousands of leading organizations worldwide. Since the clients are thoroughly vetted, too, you can rest assured you are only working with legit clients!

Ever been scammed or had payment delayed for months on end? It’s happened to the best of us. However, if you work at Toptal, you will be paid every two weeks, no matter what.

Beyond this, Toptal also leverages its network for social good. Their TopVolunteer program connects freelancers to global NGOs and charities in need of workers with relevant expertise, allowing freelancers to grow and give back to their communities. 

Toptal also reimburses freelancers for Google Cloud Certifications, AWS certification, and more, proving that the company cares about you. The platform also has an active Slack community of freelancers who can guide you through technical challenges.

Total review: What are the cons of Toptal?

However, one of the most common complaints of freelancers with Toptal is the company’s lack of transparency. Toptal charges more than the amount you earn from each client, but it is not clear how much more. Unfortunately, Toptal does not disclose the total amount it charges clients, which puts off some freelancers. 

On other platforms, freelancers can see hourly or per-project rates of freelancers with similar backgrounds. This is not the case with Toptal, leading to freelancers demanding significantly higher or lower rates for work. This may prevent you from working with your desired clients or leave you underpaid for your work.

6. Guru

Guru, used by about 2 million freelancers worldwide, offers jobs in various sectors, including programming and development, writing and translation, legal services, and sales and marketing.

Why you should use Guru as a freelancer

Many clients like using Guru because it constantly reviews freelancers by publishing their feedback scores. From a freelancer point of view, Guru’s intuitive and user-friendly layout ensures that you can start applying for work without spending time learning how to use the platform. 

Guru review: Drawbacks of using Guru for freelancers

However, recently there have been many complaints of scammers posing as freelancers on the platform. The best way to prove you are legit? Add as much information as possible, along with your portfolio, and customer reviews.

Another issue that many users report is that not all clients on the platform are legitimate or verified. Moreover, the competition among freelancers at Guru is exceptionally high and new freelancers often face difficulty in finding clients.

Customer service at Guru is also poor, and the department does not promptly reply to questions addressing log in issues and other such technical problems. 


7. We Work Remotely

While this isn’t a freelance marketplace platform in the traditional sense, we felt it was worth writing about because of the many remote freelance opportunities also on this platform. We Work Remotely is a job board that hosts over 25,000 remote opportunities. According to its website, over 1,000 new positions are added every month from almost every country in the world. 

We Work Remotely review: Benefits of using We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely is an amazing resource for finding freelance or part-time opportunities with several leading companies worldwide. It is a great platform with a remote-work resources page that showcases books, apps, and other resources that can help you make remote freelancing work easier. Many freelancers often complain about feeling lonely and lost in their journey. We Work Remotely tries to solve that by  providing you with a blog, a podcast, and an active Slack channel to connect you with other remote workers. They also host online events like remote job fairs, meetups, or AMAs with successful remote workers. 

While these resources are free, for an additional cost, you could attend a career coaching session through their learning portal ($199 per session), get your resume reviewed (from $149), or get a LinkedIn review (starting from $149). All of these, along with its stellar templates for cover letters and resumes, its job trackers, and its interview prep resources, ensure that you are aware of remote-working opportunities and are also successful in being chosen by companies.

We Work Remotely review: What are some cons of We Work Remotely?

Much like any search engine, even in We Work Remotely, the ‘featured’ jobs appear first, which means that you would have to scroll a little to find the new postings. Other users have also said that they would have preferred more filtering options.

8. Clickworker

Clickworker is a data-processing website where you can carry out data-related tasks and get paid for them. Workers on its platform- called Clickworkers- carry out a range of tasks, including writing, translating, researching, and data processing. 

Why is Clickworker a great platform for you to find freelance work?

Being a Clickworker is a great way to make some easy cash on the side. It does not require any particular skill or qualification, except that you register and have access to the internet. Clickworker also has strict quality assurance control done by AI tools to ensure that you are only being given legit tasks. 

Clickworker review: Cons of using Clickworker

Online reviews talk about delayed payments and a lack of support from the Clickworker team. A few Clickworkers mentioned that they were rejected after having completed all the required work, which meant that they received no compensation for the time or energy they spent. There have also been complaints about a decrease in both the quality and quantity of tasks available, with users having to settle for low-paying jobs. Some users also complain that their accounts have been suspended/deactivated with no prior intimation. The customer care wasn’t much of a help to the users whose accounts were suspended.


9. goLance

goLance connects entrepreneurs and business owners to freelance developers, creative designers, SEO experts, email marketers, lead generators, writers, editors, proofreaders, and data scientists. More than 600,000 freelancers have provided their services on the platform to date.

goLance review: Benefits of using goLance

Many freelancers are particularly fond of the dynamic work tools that goLance provides them. For example, you can track where and how much time you spend using the goMeter Time Tracker. It helps boost your productivity and lets you give clients an estimated time for completing their projects.  

Another feature of goLance is its work diary. This feature gives you an overview of all your gigs for the month and lets you update, make notes, and comment on the diary.

Another advantage of using goLance is its transparent billing policy. Freelancers send an invoice to their clients on completion of the project. The clients have five days to review the final product before making the payment. The platform has a security period that ensures clients are billed and payments are processed. It also has measures to let you reach out to clients for payments in cases where you don’t receive your payment.

Additionally, goLance also has an advance payment option that ensures that you receive an advance before completing your project. 

goLance is cheaper than other freelance platforms. It charges a flat commission of 7.5% per project and does not charge users a membership fee.

10. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter is one of the world’s largest job boards, allowing you to find individuals and businesses who are in need of your freelance assistance. The ZipRecruiter platform has clients from across a broad range of industries and allows you to filter work according to niche and location. 

What do freelancers love about ZipRecruiter?

ZipRecruiter is a freelance friendly platform, with multiple AI driven functions that help you streamline your job-seeking process. ZipRecruiter’s AI-powered tool, Phil uses your education, experience, interest and career goals to find you the most suitable jobs to apply to. The platform caters to freelancers across industries – from coders to warehouse workers. Finally, the platform is free for freelancers.

ZipRecruiter review: What are ZipRecruiter’s cons?

Many freelancers complain about ZipRecruiter not taking any action to prevent fraudulent customers. The company does not involve itself in any way after a connection has been made between the job-seeker and the client. This could put both parties at risk of fraudulent or unsafe activity. Besides that though, there haven’t been any other commonly reported drawbacks of using Ziprecruiter, and so it’s definitely worth a shot.

11. WorkMarket

WorkMarket is a freelance marketplace that connects freelancers with businesses in the healthcare, media and publishing, information technology, and marketing and advertising industries. 

Why should you use WorkMarket as a freelancer?

WorkMarket offers various certification programs to help freelancers grow professionally.

The money you make on the platform depends on your location and the project you undertake. The platform supports payment via PayPal and charges a meager 2.5 % platform fee on the freelancer’s income. Additionally, the ADP payment service on WorkMarket is an excellent tool, easy to manage and follow. 

It examines scorecard ratings, insurance, certifications, test scores, background check, and drug tests to approve membership. Hopeful members have to shell out $20 for the background check and $25 for the drug test.  

WorkMarket has decent customer support. Users can submit their doubts on the help page, and the support team gets back via email.

12. is a platform that matches employers with job seekers who have the relevant skills and expertise. 

Freelancers need to register as members and provide their general information, resume, and location to apply for jobs. The platform is free for job seekers. Members can apply to various positions, including a mailman, data entry operator, or customer service executive. review: Cons of

The platform claims it uses “smart technology” and artificial intelligence to match job seekers with recruiters. However, the platform doesn’t filter expired job listings.

According to most reviews, is an outdated platform that does not provide any unique services to freelancers. The platform does not guarantee that it will find workers with jobs that fulfill their financial or professional needs. 

Furthermore, is neither reliable nor secure. The platform does not vet its clients and doesn’t assure freelancers about the accuracy of job listings. The platform also lets third parties advertise job ads. Therefore, there is no way for freelancers to differentiate fraudulent job listing from legit ones. 

13. is an online marketplace that connects freelancers with highly specialized SMEs and start-ups. It operates in the UK, France, Germany, Morocco, Switzerland, and Singapore. The platform currently has more than 15,000 freelancers working on marketing, communication, IT, event management, and consulting-related projects. has also served global brands such as Columbia, Loreal, and Mazda. review: Benefits of using for freelancers

The platform can help you with scheduling, deadline management, exchange of information and documents, and time tracking. It also lets you invite people from your network and create a multidisciplinary team to take on larger projects. 

Freelancers can post their expected salaries, on a per-day basis, on their profiles. Information about standard salaries is transparent, ensuring that freelancers get fair pay. The platform also offers secure and easy payment services through MANGOPAY. In addition, the platform handles invoice management and other billing logistics tasks. 

However, to work on, you have to pitch yourself to each client. The client will contact you if they are interested in hiring you. Therefore, it may not be the best freelance marketplace for freelancers just starting their careers.

14. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit connects buyers with freelancers who are willing to help with services like home repairs and errands. TaskRabbit’s other popular services include furniture assembly, cleaning, delivery, carpentry, and handyman jobs. The platform is available to users in over 60 cities in the U.S. and some cities in Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, and the U.K. Over 50,000 freelancers use the platform at present.

The platform’s location-based interface allows freelancers to connect with buyers in their area. However, since TaskRabbit focuses on on-site opportunities, there are no virtual freelancing opportunities on the platform. 

TaskRabbit review: Pros of TaskRabbit for freelance professionals

TaskRabbit helps sellers find customers quickly without promotions. Freelancers have to provide their hourly rates, time availability, and previous ratings. A new job order is placed as soon as a seller’s work information matches a customer’s requirements.

The platform also has a robust rating system, giving buyers and sellers an additional reason to trust TaskRabbit. Furthermore, the platform screens contractors and conducts background checks on freelancers. In addition, once a client hires a freelancer, they can communicate with each other via text messages or calls on the platform. However, sellers cannot contact buyers before they are hired. 

TaskRabbit makes money by charging a commission – called “service fee” – to its sellers. Once a buyer pays a freelancer, the platform takes a 15% commission fee on the total amount received by the freelancer. Moreover, TaskRabbit also charges a non-refundable registration fee of $25 to its freelancers when they apply to become taskers on the platform. 

15. Wonolo

Wonolo is an online freelance marketplace that connects job seekers with businesses looking for merchandising, manufacturing, warehousing operations, event management, and many more services. The name Wonolo is the short form for Work Now Locally. The platform is trusted by 592,193 freelancers and leading global brands such as Coca-Cola, Aramark, and ScriptDrop. 

To work as a freelancer at Wonolo, you have to sign in to the platform and clear an onboarding process, which includes identity and background checks. After your profile is approved, you can start applying for the jobs based on the preferences listed on your profile. The sign-up process is free, and freelancers do not have to pay to apply for jobs.

Wonolo review: Benefits of Wonolo freelance marketplace

The platform has a strong focus on the well-being of its freelancers. They receive special discounts and health insurance from the platform. It also provides them Occupational Accidental Insurance to cover medical expenses and lost wages. Additionally, the freelance platform partners with third parties to offer telemedicine, investment, and saving tools to its freelancers. 

Wonolo gives some freelancers exclusive features, including time-tracking tools and allowing them priority access to job postings an hour before others.

The platform’s average estimated salary is $59 per hour. Unlike many other freelance platforms, it does not charge any commission from its freelancers.

However, it operates in only selective U.S. states, and the job listings on the platform are not guaranteed. Many freelancers on the platform have left negative reviews saying that payments aren’t processed on time and customer support is time-consuming.

16. SolidGigs

SolidGigs sets itself apart by alerting freelancers of the best 1% of jobs available daily; its team goes through dozens of job boards to bring the best opportunities to freelancers who are registered on its platform.

SolidGigs review: Benefits of SolidGigs freelance platform

SolidGigs provides excellent support to its freelance community by offering training on pitching, sales, and pricing. For example, the platform offers a vast library of videos and training courses from people who have succeeded as freelancers on the platform. 

In addition to providing support, SolidGigs’ main attraction is its weekly gig list. By screening job opportunities to ensure that freelancers get quality offers matching their skillset, the gig list is designed to save time spent scrolling through job sites. SolidGigs checks close to 100 different job sites, chooses the top jobs and sends a compiled list of them straight to their users’ inboxes. 

Another attraction of SolidGigs is its reasonable price. Unlike other freelancing platforms that charge fees for unlocking better features, SolidGigs charges a standard monthly fee from all users.

SolidGigs pricing





$21 per month

$35 per month

SolidGigs review: Cons of SolidGigs

SolidGigs is a highly competitive platform. Therefore, it is probably best to avoid it if you are just starting your freelance journey.

Further, a significant issue freelancers face with SolidGigs is poor customer service. Users complain that the platform does not reply to emails on time. In addition, the platform does not have a FAQ page either. 

17. Cloudpeeps

CloudPeeps connects freelancers with businesses looking for SEO, social media management, content marketing, graphic design, public relations, and web development related services.

How to use Cloudpeeps as a freelancer

The platform provides a unique feature where you can become a pro freelancer, also called a “Pro Peep.” CloudPeeps selects pros based on their work performance and ratings. As a result, Pro Peeps rank higher in client searches and get exclusive invites to various groups. The platform also provides invoicing and directory listing on its free and standard plans. 

CloudPeeps’ intuitive interface, like its live function, lets freelancers communicate efficiently with clients. In addition, it provides sample freelance rates for all job categories, including hourly and one-off rates. It also allows freelancers to build a Storefront, where they can build packages, e.g., ten social media posts, for X US Dollars.

CloudPeeps has to approve you profile before you can start working on the platform. Also, you must operate from one out of 25 countries listed on their website to work on the platform. Another drawback is that creating a CloudPeeps profile requires ample time and information from applicants. 

CloudPeeps takes 15% of freelancers’ earnings upon project completion. Additionally, it charges freelancers $9 before they can start to look for jobs and does not give a guarantee on payment.

18. Malt

Malt is a European freelance marketplace currently operating in France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands. Malt seeks to link businesses with freelancers and additionally helps firms manage administrative, legal, and payment processes securely and efficiently. 

How to start using Malt as a freelancer

As of now, Malt has served over 40,000 clients with a freelance workers base of over 330,000. To sign up as a freelancer with Malt, professionals have to get verified by uploading a series of documents that protect the legal status of the freelancers and the client. Until the legal status of the freelancer has been confirmed by Malt’s payment partner, MANGOPAY, the amount is held in an escrow account. 

How can clients find freelancers using Malt?

Clients have to use Malt’s search engine that has filters for specific requirements such as only choosing profiles with a portfolio, minimum years of experience, and fees. 

Malt also differs from other freelance marketplace competitors by asking its freelancers to display their charges per day instead of a lump sum charge or an hourly wage. If clients choose you, you need to submit a quote directly on Malt’s website. 

Freelancers’ reviews about Malt

Freelancers’ reviews are visible to the public, helping clients gauge their quality. The best freelancers are rewarded with the SuperMalter badge. Similarly, top clients get MaltPlus status that differentiates them from other recruiters on the website. This transparency assures professionals that the client has completed over ten assignments with Malt freelancers. 

Malt is a good choice for European freelancers who are looking to work with local clients or clients from within Europe. It has a clean interface and is available in each country’s regional language. Malt’s secure payment options and robust legal framework make it attractive to freelancers.

19. HireMyMom

HireMyMom is an online marketplace for work-from-home jobs primarily for remote working women. Established in 2007, HireMyMom has connected thousands of small businesses with remote work-from-home women worldwide.

How to make the most out of HireMyMom as a freelancer

HireMyMom takes a one-time charge from job seekers to connect them with prospective employers. The biggest advantage of using HireMyMom is that fewer candidates are applying for the jobs. This reduced competition directly translates to your application being given more time and consideration by the potential employer.

You can use this to their advantage by making your job application as detailed as possible, boosting your chances of securing a job. You can highlight your strengths and prove why you are a good match for a company.

Furthermore, HireMyMom primarily caters to remote jobs, making it easier for individuals who don’t want to go through the lengthy process of weeding out jobs requiring people to commute to a physical location. The site also reviews every job posting to make sure that the job posting is legitimate, reducing the likelihood of freelancers being cheated or denied payment.

HireMyMom review: What are HireMyMom’s cons?

HireMyMom primarily caters to remote workers in the North American region; most clients are from there and expect candidates to be familiar with the American business environment. As a freelancer, you can increase your chances of landing an offer by including work experiences gathered with previous North American clients and mentioning how you can work across timezones. HireMyMom is centered around providing remote jobs for women; men can use this platform, but it is harder to succeed as most clients look for remote working women. 

20. Business Talent Group

Business Talent Group is a marketplace for companies to connect with independent consultants, including management consultants, subject matter experts, and executives. BTG combines its startup culture with leadership from industry experts, making it an excellent place for those in the early stages of their careers. Individuals who commence work through the firm are thoroughly vetted by its Full Circle Assessment, with regular check-ins and feedback even after the project has begun. 

Business Talent Group review: Benefits of using Business Talent Group as a freelancer

With a well-rounded training and mentorship program, you will be working under the guidance of specialists and well-known figures from the consulting world. In addition to the exposure you’ll get, BTG also offers convenience by taking care of contracts, collections, and other administrative tasks. The company boasts of strong relationships with big companies across the globe, so you can expect to find a consistent stream of projects. 

Business Talent Group review: Cons of using Business Talent Group

BTG’s process of placing you with projects is less streamlined than that of a traditional consulting firm. More exposure to team leaders and seniors in a typical workplace scenario gives management a better idea of what projects suit you best. With BTG’s flexible mode of work, the responsibility of communicating your areas of interest and expertise lies with you. Project timelines can also be short, with freelancers expected to complete a task soon after it is assigned. 

Moreover, the onboarding to kick-off timeline can be lengthy and process-oriented compared to other freelance platforms. 

21. Twago

Twago claims to be Europe’s largest platform for freelance work, with over 500,000 professionals and 175,000 projects on its website. It connects clients with experts in engineering, app development, writing, and online marketing. 

It allows recruiters to post projects for free on the website; clients need to describe their project and outline expectations, budget, timeline, and other necessary details. Freelancers can then ask related questions or submit feedback for the project to the clients. The professionals then submit a proposal or a quote which is reviewed and compared by the employers to make their hiring decision. 

Twago review: What are Twago’s benefits?

Twago has an innovative payment system that is praised for its efficiency and security. Upon hiring a freelancer, the client must make the agreed payment to a secure escrow account called Twago safePay. Once they complete the transaction, the professional begins working on the project. 

Upon satisfactory completion of the project, the contractor receives the amount, of which Twago gets between 0-3%. 

Twago review: What are Twago’s drawbacks?

If there is a dispute regarding completing a task, the amount remains with Twago. However, some users complain that money can get stuck in escrow for an extended time, and the customer service team takes a long time to solve disputes.

22. FreelanceZone

Designed solely for Singaporeans, FreelanceZone is a job search portal that allows job seekers access to several part-time or freelance work opportunities. 

Why is FreelanceZone popular as a freelance portal?

Free registration and extensive job choices make FreelanceZone popular among Singaporeans.

Most job opportunities in FreelanceZone are tailored for Singaporeans who want to work from home. Based on your recent job searches, you can receive recommendations for top job opportunities by email or via the website.

How to start using FreelanceZone as a freelancer?

While registration is not mandatory for the platform, unregistered members can only view public job posts. To register as a job seeker on FreelanceZone, you can use the job seeker registration form and fill it in using your email address. Once you register, you can upload your resume and start looking for jobs. FreelanceZone also allows you to build a new resume by filling out the education, experience, and skills sections of your FreelanceZone profile. 

How to find freelance job seekers on FreelanceZone?

While it is free to search and apply for jobs on FreelanceZone, employers can also pay to post job ads on the platform. They have an option to either purchase an individual job ad – where you are limited to one job post or a subscription package where you can save money if you want to post several job ads every month. You can find the various pricing options here.

23. Speedlancer

Speedlancer is a popular freelancing platform that offers multiple services to customers. It focuses on providing digital services such as video editing, web design, Shopify-related website management, app development, and so on.

What do freelancers love about Speedlancer?

Speedlancer, as the name suggests, focuses on delivering services to customers quickly – within four hours of accepting the project. The platform is ideal for freelancers who can get work done fast. Customers choose their pricing using a sliding scale, and it is up to the freelancers to decide if they want to accept it. Since Speedlancer is a smaller platform compared to its competitors, there is reduced competition between freelancers. If you are willing to work on a tight schedule and get the financial reward that comes with it, Speedlancer may be the ideal platform for you.

Speedlancer review: What are some disadvantages of using Speedlancer?

Speedlancer appeals to a very narrow audience. If you value flexibility and not being bound to tight deadlines, you might want to consider other alternatives. Speedlancer also charges a premium for the quick turn-around time, which not all clients can afford. The work would be in high-intensity spells for the freelancer, which could be stressful and result in low-quality output. 

24. YunoJuno

YunoJuno is a marketplace that seeks to connect UK-based vetted freelancers with clients. It allows hirers to find a variety of freelancers whose specialties range from client services to design. 

YunoJuno review: Benefits of using YunoJuno

YunoJuno allows for direct communication between the contractor and the hirer. There is also no need for the contractor/freelancer to pay any commission, as the hirer must bear this cost.

Each freelancer is vetted before being accepted, and they are paid well: on average they receive $497 per project. The platform has also tried to address one of the main problems with freelance work – that of unpaid invoices – by guaranteeing payment in 14 days irrespective of client payment. 

Customer care is friendly, responsive, and ready to provide contractors with the necessary support. 

As most of its freelancers are around London, it has tried to build a community with regular ‘drop-ins,’ a committed Slack channel, assistance with contractor profiles, and London-based events. 

YunoJuno review: What are some drawbacks of YunoJuno?

Online reviews have mentioned the need for a better organizational structure. They also complain that the training being given is not adequate. 

Some reviews state that despite the 14-day payment policy, freelancers are not paid on time, and their repeated requests go unnoticed. 

25. Brigad

Brigad connects businesses in the hospitality and healthcare industries to experienced freelancers. The shifts are flexible, lasting anywhere from one day to an entire month. Currently, Brigad has nearly 10,000 freelancers across Europe.

What differentiates Brigad from other freelance marketplaces?

Brigad offers its community members gifts such as insurance premiums, discounts on equipment, training, and more upon signing in. It prides itself in being a social enterprise that makes work accessible to all.

Further, Brigad guarantees that freelancers are paid on time; often weekly. Brigad automatically generates your invoice to ensure your payment is made within seven days of completing a project.

Brigad is great for freelancers as it offers extensive support through its community partners, offering hospitality and healthcare training courses and a tax app for freelancers to track their income, expenses, and taxes.

Brigad review: What are the cons of using Brigad as a freelancer

A drawback of Brigad is its limited scope for freelancers as it only focuses on a few industries and is extremely niche. The platform plans to expand to the retail, health, and construction sectors to help attract more freelancers and clients. 


26. Hoofdkraan

Hoofdkraan is a Dutch freelance marketplace. Their website is in Dutch, and their target audience is primarily based in the Netherlands and surrounding areas. If you offer digital services and are comfortable interacting with European and Dutch customers, Hoofdkraan is the perfect place to earn some extra money. 

What do freelancers love about Hoofdkraan?

Hoofdkraan is a reliable source of work for freelancers since it offers jobs with absolutely no restrictions on the type of work or a freelancer’s ability. The process is simple – a client uploads an assignment onto the platform, and freelancers can respond by quoting a price. The platform plays no other role in the process.

It is also safe for freelancers and customers alike since the payment is made through escrow; when a customer accepts the freelancer’s quotation, they pay the money to Hoofdkraan, which gives the money to the freelancer when the work is completed. This process makes Hoofdkraan a trusted third party for both the freelancer and the customer.

Hoofdkraan review: Cons of using Hoofdkraan as a freelancer

Hoofdkraan is a client-friendly marketplace instead of being focused on freelancers’ needs. When freelancers quote their price to a customer, they are given a quotation price, customer references, contact information, and a personal message. Customers can rate your work, and the rating is made public. Also, while the service is free for customers, freelancers need to pay a subscription fee to be listed on the platform.  

27. Movemeon


Movemeon seeks to satisfy a niche that other job posting websites are missing out on – highly qualified top professionals with substantial work experience. Founded by two ex-McKinsey consultants, Movemeon currently offers almost 390+ jobs at corporates, start-ups, consultancies, private equity and venture capital firms, and so on.

Their application process is quite straightforward: you simply submit your freelancer CV on their website. Movemeon’s in-house experts then review it, validate your membership and give you access to all the roles available on their website. 

Movemeon review: What are Movemeon’s benefits for freelancers?

Movemeon’s job search engine is restricted to members being screened during the registration process itself. Recruiters are connected to professionals in their field without any additional screening process. Movemeon’s members come from top universities worldwide and often have over a decade of work experience. The website has already amassed a network of over 50,000 highly-qualified freelancers.

Additionally, employers can post jobs for free and only need to pay when they hire someone. According to Movemeon, this saves companies upto 50% when compared to traditional recruiting methods and 75% more than hiring a consultancy. 

While compared to other freelancing websites, Movemeon might offer a smaller pool of jobs and freelancers, but it succeeds in connecting the best professionals with jobs that suit their background and experience.

28. WeWhoDo

WeWhoDo is a London-based freelance consultancy firm. In 2022, it pledged to work exclusively with companies that focus on a sustainable future and have a vision aligned with WeWhoDo’s core values. Only companies that pass its sustainability criteria are eligible for its sustainable start-up membership. 

WeWhoDo review: Benefits of using WeWhoDo as a freelancer

WeWhoDo primarily focuses on three verticals – consulting, marketing, and technology. These categories are subdivided into their core competencies. 

  • Consultancy: Customer Experience, Risk Management, Programme Management, Finance, and Strategy
  • Marketing: Marketing Strategy, Branding, Photo & Video, Social Media, Copywriting and Content Marketing, PR, and SEO 
  • Technology: UX Design, UI Design, Data Science, Mobile App Development, Software Development, and Product Management

WeWhoDo claims that its members represent the top 3% of professionals in their respective fields. 80% come from the best strategy and creative agencies around the world. Its goal is to create a better world by using business as a force for good. It assists organizations with carbon offsetting and creating eco-conscious workspaces. They even recycle plastic waste into designer bottles. To achieve this, WeWhoDo links the best talents to firms that want to make a change.

Having a university degree is not necessary to sign up on the website. You need to fill out a form, which takes about 2-3 minutes to complete, and membership currently costs £20 a month.

WeWhoDo is a good option for companies seeking to become more sustainable while hiring some of the best talent in the industry. However, this can also limit the scope of clients and projects available on the website, resulting in fewer opportunities in the long run.

29. Freelancers in the UK

Freelancers in the UK is a freelance recruitment website that was launched in 2005. With almost two decades of experience, this freelance marketplace already has the trust of thousands of self-employed professionals, consultants, and employers. 

Freelancers in the UK review: Benefits of using Freelancers in the UK as a freelancer

The site’s front page offers easy access to a list of commonly searched categories of jobs. These include administrational, design, editorial, educational, legal, sales, and other opportunities. 

Freelancers can register on the website for £30 per year or get a lifetime membership for £60 in a one-time transaction. These memberships allow the applicant to write and receive reviews from clients and publish articles and events. 

The banner advertisement membership costs £120 per month and offers prominent placement across the website to get better traction with potential customers. It also allows freelancers to choose their position on the website.

Freelancers in the UK review: Cons of using Freelancers in the UK?

The options on their website are limited, with only approximately 200 members currently listed; this may be the result of better services and features offered by their immediate competitors. 

30. Guidepoint

Guidepoint specializes in connecting subject-matter experts to clients that require their expertise. Its advisors offer phone consultations, critical insights into their industry, detailed surveys, data analysis, and legal solutions. It currently has over a million experts on its website, all of whom have been thoroughly vetted to ensure that the best professionals get matched to projects that suit their expertise. 

GuidePoint review: Benefits of using GuidePoint as a freelancer

Guidepoint’s current clients include 9 of the top 10 consulting firms globally, 100+ private equity firms, and several Fortune 500 companies; it works with over 3,500 organizations. Its service areas include accounting, financial services, media, aerospace and defense, insurance, law, energy, etc. Its presence spreads across three continents and over ten countries. 

Apart from networking, another significant benefit of using Guidepoint is the myriad of end-to-end communication services. 

GuidePoint review: Some cons of using Guidepoint

The limited number of clients vis-a-vis a large number of experts can translate into fewer projects for freelancers, even if the payouts from projects are sizable. This problem is mitigated for those specializing in finance, healthcare, and computer-generated solutions (CGS) since many companies allied with Guidepoint are from these sectors. 

It is an excellent option for large firms with large budgets and for experienced freelancers who wish to work on projects that suit their areas of expertise.

31. Worksome

Worksome is a Copenhagen-based freelance marketplace specializing in on-site freelance work. It links highly-skilled professionals with small or medium businesses at the ground level, and serves a variety of industries, including IT, design, law, etc. It also provides automation services for freelancer payments, billing, and compliance processes. 

How does Worksome work?

Freelancers need to register themselves on the website and create a profile listing their skills and experience. The website’s algorithms then connect these professionals to job listings that best match their expertise. Freelancers bid on these openings, effectively starting a direct conversation with the client. While listing and finding a job is free, Worksome charges a 4% service fee once a professional gets hired from its site.

However, it is willing to amend this fee depending on the firm’s scale and frequency of hiring. The billing and compliance mechanism is automated with invoices generated on the website, which cuts costs and reduces the hassle for firms and freelancers alike.

Best marketplaces for freelance Designers & Developers 

32. 99designs

99designs is a graphic design service platform that connects freelance designers with businesses. The platform has over 90 design categories, allowing businesses to hire designers for projects such as web page design, app design, product packaging design, poster design, and book cover design. As of writing in April 2022, 99designs claims to have served over 444,306 people and businesses.

99designs review: Benefits of using 99designs as a freelance graphic designer

99designs provides exceptional resources to its freelancers. The freelancer toolkit helps freelancer designers build their designer brand, market their work, and manage their business. The platform also provides tools for designers to organize their work, set fees & expectations, and improve client communication.

99designs is also particularly popular because of its payment guarantee. Often, freelancers worry about clients withholding or delaying payment. 99designs stands out by ensuring freelancers always receive payments on time. Typically, a freelance designer gets paid within three business days of completing a project. Additionally, 99design’s fraud protection policy protects freelancers from fake project listings on the website.

99designs review: What are some cons of using 99designs?

Despite marketing itself as a platform that charges no sign up fees, 99designs charges an “introduction fee.” This fee is 20% of the first $500 billed on the platform and is required from freelancers once they start working with new clients. The platform claims that the introduction fee is meant to cover the cost of matching freelancers to clients. In addition, top-level freelancers pay 5%, mid-level ones pay 10%, and entry-level ones pay 15% on every project as a platform fee. The platform fee covers 99designs’ support costs, secure payment, fraud protection, and other services. 

In addition, freelancing on the platform is fairly competitive. 99designs regularly curates its designers’ community based on quality standards. Therefore, if you are not at the top of your game, the probability of you landing a gig or even working on the platform is quite low. 

Pricing for some popular plans in 99designs






Logo Design





Business card





App design





Web Page Design






33. CGTrader

The world’s largest source of custom 3D models and licensable stock, CGTrader, is an online marketplace that helps businesses convert 2D images into realistic 3D models. With over 1,000,000 3D models in stock, the marketplace connects thousands of 3D designers with enterprises. 

CGTrader review: Benefits of using CGTrader for freelance designers

One of the most appealing features of CGTrader is its performance multiplier. The performance multiplier can boost a freelancer’s payout based on their performance on previous projects. The multiplier is based on various performance metrics that help the platform decide a freelancers’ payout.  

Moreover, CGTrader has a secure payment policy that creates an escrow account where clients transfer funds before the completion of the project. Once the client is satisfied with the final product, the payment is released to the freelancer. Therefore, designers do not have to worry about being paid as long as they meet their client’s standards.

Additionally, freelancers can also track and graphically visualize their sales on the platform. CGTrader’s exceptional payment management tool organizes all information about a freelancer’s sales and can help you visualize your growth trajectory. 

How to get started on CGTrader as a freelance designer?

Getting started on CGTrader is easy because it is free of charge to start earning from your 3D models. On the other hand, a flat fee of 5% is charged on every custom 3D project request.

However, working as a freelancer at CGTrader requires you to be at the top of your game. As a freelancer, you will be competing with around 40,000 freelance designers on the platforms. To start freelancing, you need to pass a portfolio review and a test task. However, if you have exceptional work samples, the platform might exempt you from completing this. 

34. Designhill

Designhill is an online freelance platform that connects businesses and individuals with freelance designers. It provides over 35 different design categories such as logos, t-shirts, brochures, and websites. 

What can you get out of Designhill as a freelance designer?

One of the most attractive features of Designhill is its design competitions, where clients can submit briefs of their design requirements. You can then make submissions to these competitions, and the client picks the one that best fits their needs. This allows you to showcase your talent and gives you an amazing opportunity to be selected by clients who will be the right fit. Besides, this gives you the opportunity to interact with a range of clients and broaden your skillset. Often these competitions also have a cash prize. As of writing on 22nd April, Designhill had a competition that was paying out rewards worth up to $15,000 to the top designers in each category. In addition, there are cash rewards and lucky draw rewards.

Designhill review: What are the disadvantages of Designhill?

Designhill’s advantages are also, in a way, its weaknesses. Due to the high number of designs submitted in every contest (sometimes with the same designer submitting multiple designs for one contest), it can often feel overwhelming. This might make it difficult for individual designers to get noticed as the selection process is also confusing and frustrating for the client. 

Designers have complained about delays in their payments, while some clients have mentioned that their refund took time. 

35. DesignContest

Founded in 2003, DesignContest offers freelance design services to clients from various industries. The services range from application design, clothing, and apparel design, to web and product design. 

How to use DesignContest Platform as a freelance designer?

The hiring process is simple. First, the client starts a contest and sets a cash price for freelance designers. Within hours the client receives samples from a pre-qualified list of 200,000 plus designers. The client can then finalize a design of their choice. If they don’t like any of these designs, clients can also directly hire qualified designers.

Image source: 

The service charges range between $150 and $500 based on criteria like how many designs a client wants and the final deliverables. 

Pricing for different Services on DesignContest

Logo Design


Website Design


Graphic Design


Mobile App Design



DesignContest review: What are the cons of using DesignContest?

However, concerns over the design copyright have led to negative reviews, reducing the platform’s credibility. DesignContest offers privacy to the clients and guarantees a refund. Nevertheless, it has attracted 2 million clients since its inception, which attests to the platform’s appeal to clients.

36. Topcoder 

Topcoder connects global businesses with freelancers in data science, web development, UI/UX design, and QA & testing. The platform provides services to more than 1.5 million members, including Fortune 100 companies and NASA.

Topcoder review: Benefits of using Topcoder as a freelance developer

Topcoder is popular among freelancers for its transparency. The platform shows freelancers what they can earn from a project upfront. Moreover, Topcoder screens freelancers and customers to ensure that projects posted through the platform are legit.

It provides freelancers with various resources and learning opportunities. In addition, Topcoder also offers scholarship and fellowship opportunities from companies such as Google, Microsoft, NVIDIA, and educational institutions like the University of Chicago. 

The platform also hosts competitions for freelancers. Participants have to complete a project based on clients’ guidelines.

Topcoder review: What are the drawbacks of Topcoder?

The platform does not list its pricing on its website or provide the option of hourly rates. Instead, freelancers get paid based on the final product. In addition, users complain that the platform’s interface is cluttered and difficult to navigate.

37. Arc

Founded in 2014, Arc is a freelance platform that connects remote freelance developers with clients. Arc’s primary focus is software consulting and online mentoring services. 

Arc review: Cons of using Arc freelance platform

Arc’s best feature is the remote job search engine. It combs through dozens of websites to help freelancers view various options in one place. It also matches freelancers’ profiles with project requirements.  

Arc has excellent customer service. The platform assigns a recruiter or a hiring consultant who connects you to potential clients. The recruiter stays committed to fixing problems a freelancer might encounter and helps them find a job they like. You might expect recruiters to be pushy. But, Arc’s reviews suggest otherwise. 

On the other hand, Arc can be ruthless in screening freelancers for its membership. Only 2.3% of the total applicants make it through the screening process at a time. Developers have to prove themselves at each step – manual profile screening, video introduction, technical interview & pair programming, final candidate review- before they get selected. However, such a rigorous screening process means higher pay rates.

Most Arc developers charge between $60 to $100 per hour. In addition, Arc provides extensive information on the pay rates of all its developers based on skill categories.

If you want to test the platform, you can sign up for its risk-free trial period of two weeks. 

38. CodeMentor

CodeMentor is an online platform that connects mentors and coding experts with those looking for help. It provides one-on-one mentoring with coding, debugging, and programming. 

How does CodeMentor work for freelancer?

CodeMentor is an excellent platform for those looking for help with minor software issues that don’t necessarily require an in-house programmer or developer. Mentees get live sessions with experts, with each session ranging from $8-15 for every 15 minutes. Live sessions with experienced mentors are a bit more expensive, costing $15-30 for every 15 minutes. If you are a mentor, you get an excellent opportunity to expand your knowledge and work with various mentees across a broad range of industries. This may even lead to future opportunities in one of those industries.

CodeMentor review: Cons of using CodeMentor

While most reviews of CodeMentor have been positive, there have been a few complaints, both from the client’s point of view and the experts. Some clients claim to have been duped as the ‘experts’ were not as qualified as they made themselves out to be. Others say that the interface can be glitchy and does not always work. From the mentor’s point of view, there have been a few complaints about the site being unethical and not paying them well.

39. Crowdspring

Crowdspring connects freelancers with clients looking for graphic design, logo design, illustration, business promotion, and writing-related services. The platform assists more than 60,000 businesses worldwide at present.

Crowdspring provides live customer support via email, phone, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Crowdspring review: Benefits of using Crowdspring 

Crowdspring’s platform interface has several filters, making it easy for users to connect with the buyer/seller. Additionally, freelancers can choose from 40 project categories on the platform. 

However, Crowdspring has a bidding feature that makes the platform competitive. Once you are a member, you can browse through projects and see how many entries the company has provided and how many other freelancers have participated. Then, you have to submit a proposal and a sample based on the buyer’s guidelines. 

The platform rigorously screens its potential members. First, you have to submit personal information and three samples of your work for each project category you choose. Then, your work is evaluated by a panel to decide if they will grant you membership. The entire process can take 14 days.

40. Mediabistro

Mediabistro is a subsidiary company. It is a freelance platform that connects media and content professionals with customers. Services provided by freelancers on the platform include writing, graphic designing, copywriting, social media handling, photography, researching, and content editing. 

The platform has provided services to companies like Dotdash, NBCUniversal, Bloomberg, Fox Corporation, and Penguin Random House.

Freelancers have to purchase an MB Unlimited package of $119.88 per year to access resources like online courses, instructors, resume and LinkedIn services, and exclusive webinars. You can also access the editorial calendars of leading magazines with this package. However, if you sign up for free, you cannot access these resources.

Mediabistro review: Pros of using Mediabistro as a freelancer

Mediabistro allows you to display your customized portfolio to clients. As a result, you can choose how you want to showcase yourself on the platform without relying on a rigid interface.

In addition, you can also create job alerts based on your desired projects, location, experience level, and minimum salary. 

Mediabistro review: What are the cons of Mediabistro?

One of the biggest drawbacks of using Mediabistro is the lack of transparency from clients. For example, some companies do not post salaries with their job posts, making it difficult for freelancers to identify the best opportunities. Another complaint with the platform is its steep pricing. 

41. Field Nation

Field Nation is an online freelance marketplace that connects IT technicians with businesses for on-site projects in the US. The platform has technicians at more than 425k sites nationwide. Field Nation claims that its technicians have a success rate of 98% across every US zip code. The platform’s technicians complete duties such as installing, troubleshooting, and repairing equipment. They often work on digital signage, point of scale, security, networking, and cabling.

 Field Nation review: Benefits of using Field Nation platform

One of the major attractions of Field Nation for freelancers is the number of gigs available. A technician on the platform gets access to more than 20,000 work orders per week from over 7,000 companies in the US.

Moreover, Field Nation also appeals to freelance technicians for the platform’s logistical assistance. Freelancers do not have to worry about invoicing, project management, and tax paperwork because the platform manages these issues for its technicians. For example, technicians on the platform receive one 1099 tax document directly from Field Nation each year. 

Is it easy to find a freelance job on Field Nation?

However, it is challenging to start working at Field Nation without being at the top of your game. The platform thoroughly vets its technicians to ensure that they meet Field Nation’s standard of service. 

Additionally, the platform is incredibly competitive for technicians looking to land high-quality gigs. To stand out as a technician, you need to have near to perfect reliability ratings. 

Reliability rating is a metric that Field Nation uses to help businesses filter high-quality, trustworthy candidates from the rest. Having a high-reliability rating depends on your overall skill, professionalism, timeliness, and feedback from your past clients on the platform. 

42. X-Team

X-Team is a software development platform that connects freelance software developers and scalable teams with businesses. The platform has over 100,000 freelance engineers from over 55 countries. X-Team’s developers are trusted by leading companies, such as FOX Broadcasting, Twitter, SONY, and Intel. 

Reasons to use X-team as a freelancer

The platform has a freelancer retention rate of 98%, owing to its concern for freelancers’ growth and well-being. Once you are hired, you can unlock an Unleash+ membership that gives you $2,500 per year for activities that energize you, such as gaming consoles. In addition, Unleash+ membership includes other perks like a gym membership, books, courses, and scholarships. 

Freelancers on the platform benefit from X-Team’s reliability. For example, no one can post job listings on X-Team’s platform without partnering with the platform. Therefore, freelancers can be assured that the jobs posted on X-Team’s platform are legit. Also, the platform has a transparent payment policy that ensures its freelancers are paid every two weeks. 

X-Team review: What are some of X-Team’s drawbacks?

However, one of the biggest drawbacks of using X-Team for freelance developers is its rigorous application process. The platform requires developers to have at least a few years of experience in the software development industry. So, unless a junior developer is exceptional, they are less likely to be hired. Additionally, the platform evaluates freelancers based on their resumes and performance on specific tests, including live-coding and ‘‘whiteboard exercises’’ before hiring them. 

The platform employs developers as full-time contractors who can work at least 40 hours per week and 160 hours per month. The reported pay rate on the platform for senior Android developers is $44/ hour, whereas, for senior web developers, the rate is $51/ hour. Front-end engineers on the platform earn around $25/hour.  

43. Scalable Path

Scalable Path is a freelance marketplace that connects freelance developers, data scientists, and engineers with businesses to help them scale their IT and development teams. The company currently claims to be a network of more than 19,000 remote developers from over 138 countries. The platform has also served leading companies such as Gensler, Sequence, and Earnest.  

Scalable Path review: Benefits of using Scalable Path

The platform’s transparent and secure payment policy makes it attractive to freelancers. At Scalable Path, you do not have to worry about the company taking a cut from your hourly rates. Instead, you set your own pay rate and are paid out monthly based on the projects approved and completed in the previous month. Furthermore, the platform does not have a hiring fee. 

As a result, Scalable Path offers competitive pay rates to its freelancers. For example, software engineers’ reported salary on the platform is $34/hour. In contrast, a full-stack software developer earns around $38/hour. A senior software engineer on the platform makes around $45/ hour

However, it isn’t easy to get hired by Scalable Path. The platform thoroughly vets its freelancers, requiring their incoming freelancers to pass a three-part interview process. This process consists of an initial screening and a technical interview with Scalable Path’s software architects, including a live coding exercise. Once candidates clear the second interview, they are presented to Scalable Path’s clients, who then select candidates for further interviews. 

Scalable Path’s freelancer vetting process typically takes 3-5 days, depending on how quickly an applicant schedules an interview.

44. Workhoppers

Workhoppers is an online marketplace that connects freelancers with businesses looking for experts in business consulting, financial services, IT and software development, design & media, administration, and translation services. The platform is trusted by brands like Mega, The Globe and Mail, Staples, and L’Oreal.

Workhoppers review: What are some of the biggest benefits of using Workhoppers?

Workhoppers’ match algorithm helps freelancers find reliable jobs based on their skills, location, experience, and education. Freelancers receive job alerts via email when their profile matches a job listing on the platform.

Some other popular features include behavioral assessment tools that let freelancers discover their work styles and professional strengths. Another benefit of Workhoppers is its intuitive interface. 

Furthermore, the Workhoppers’ customer service department is very responsive. 

The platform is not limited to commercial job listings, and non-profit organizations can use the platform without any charge. It also gives freelancers the unique opportunity to work with diverse organizations including non-profits.  

Despite being a reputed freelancing platform, Workhoppers does not charge commission fees. Therefore, you can keep everything you earn through the platform.

However, if you hope to work for international companies, you’re going to have to look elsewhere. This freelance platform allows freelancers to only access local job postings. Another common complaint is the limited number of opportunities available


Bark connects buyers with local service providers. Customers post their requirements on the website, and you can contact the customer using your pre-paid credits. You may receive leads for a wide range of services all the way from wedding photography to dressing up as a clown for a birthday party. 

How does Bark work as a freelance portal?

Bark aims to provide buyers with local service providers. Customers who click on ads posted by Bark have to fill out a detailed form specifying what they are looking for. After this, you can post your responses. Buyers can then decide whether they are keen to proceed with your services.

Online reviews about Bark

Online reviews from Bark users have not been very flattering. Most reviews left by Bark professionals complain about fraudulent customers who are either fake or not willing to pay the required/standard amount. A few freelancers complained about an inadequate screening system to notify freelancers whether clients were interested which meant that they spent money buying uninterested leads. They also mention that despite the claims made by Bark about a pack of 20 credits getting a freelancer around 5 leads, in reality, just one lead costs around 8 to 16 credits, which is far below the promised amount.

Some former Bark professionals have faced difficulties in unsubscribing from Bark’s services, which meant they kept being unnecessarily charged. Customer care proved unhelpful and, in some cases, rude, without offering proper solutions.

46. 48HoursLogo

48HoursLogo is a freelance marketplace for custom designs for logos, posters, labels, and digital designs.

What are 48HoursLogo’s special features for freelancers?

The platform delivers the custom designs through a contest-based model. First, clients specify the preferred medium for the design, such as – a business card, t-shirt, or LinkedIn banner. Then, they have to buy a package based on budget, features, and deliverables. 

The prices vary for logos, print, and digital designs from $129 to $299. For labels and identities, the fees range between $99 and $249.

48HoursLogo then selects the winning design and gives its copyright to the client. Clients can also access the “private upgrade” and “featured upgrade” features. The former allows the client to hide their contest from the public and search engines. Only the registered logo designers can see it. The latter promises to highlight the contest above regular contests and enables clients to receive 25 percent more entries.

The Crowder cites that consumer satisfaction with 48HoursLogo stands at 4.9 stars, consistent with reviews on Comparingly. Additionally, Crowder places 48HoursLogo as one of the cheapest sites compared to other design freelance marketplaces. So if you are looking for clients with large budgets, you should look at alternative freelance marketplaces.

47. Freelancermap

Freelancermap is tailored to provide information technology (IT) jobs for freelancers in development, graphics, content, media, IT infrastructure, consulting, management, SAP, and engineering. 

Freelancermap advertises over 4,000 jobs a week on its platform and has over 35,000 companies as clients, giving you a wide variety of gigs.  

Freelancermap’s pricing for freelancers

You can sign up for a basic account at Freelancermap for free and start showcasing your skills right away. While you can use the basic account indefinitely, it only allows you to apply for 15 projects per month. You need to buy a premium subscription for $13 per month to apply for more projects. 

Freelancermap review: What are the benefits of using Freelancermap?

Freelancermap doesn’t charge the freelancer or client any project-based commission, allowing freelancers to take home 100% of their agreed project fees. Freelancemap’s specialization in the IT industry enables freelancers to find niche jobs that may get lost in the clutter on Freelancermap competitor platforms. 

Freelancermap review: What are the limitations of Freelancermap?

Paying for a premium plan when earnings are not guaranteed is a drawback. Your profile is not given priority listing when on a basic plan, making it harder for clients to find you. You also do not get access to profile statistics, such as who viewed your profile and who downloaded your attachments, which are otherwise helpful in lead generation. 

48. Yeeply

Yeeply connects freelancers to businesses working on tech-related projects. The platform provides outsourcing opportunities that include app development, web development, design, and marketing. Yeeply’s developers and engineers have worked on more than 1,000 digital services for companies, including startups, SMEs, and leading global brands. 

Yeeply review: Benefits of using Yeeply as a freelancer

Yeeply offers a lot of resources to its freelance members. It has e-books, blogs, and guides for freelancers working in application and web development, marketing, design, and digitalization. 

Yeeply assigns an advisor to all its freelancers to guide them at every step of their projects. So, for example, if you are a freelancer on Yeeply, you will get assistance before, during, and after your projects. In addition, it manages all the logistics you need, including client management and payment guarantee. Therefore, while working on the platform you can solely focus on your work. 

Yeeply review: Some cons of using Yeeply

To get hired as a freelancer on the platform, incoming applicants must pass a rigorous screening and certification test administered by Yeeply. The certification process has four stages: initial screening, interview, reference checks, and a final certification test which the candidates can pass by completing a small project for one of Yeeply’s clients. As a result, although the platform currently has over 150 certified teams, typically, only 1% of all incoming freelancers get hired as Yeeply’s members. 


Founded in 2012 in Nashville, Tennessee, USA, connects vetted remote freelance developers to businesses worldwide. It has a network of 10,000 remote developers and enjoys a good reputation in the tech industry. The platform has helped  leading companies such as Apple, docket, Pikl, and Mission Bio. review: Pros of using as a freelance developer

The average rates of freelancers on the platform range between $75 and $150 per hour. Moreover, it does not take a cut from the freelancers’ pay.’s strong focus on security is attractive for freelancers. It thoroughly scrutinizes the companies that hire on the platform to weed out fraudulent job listings. 

The platform offers a 10-minute WorkStyle assessment that lets freelancers and clients discover ideal approaches to work with each other based on core motivations, energy drains, and downtime needs. The evaluation also helps freelancers find their particular work style and suitable work arrangements, raising their productivity with self-awareness. lets you pitch yourself to potential clients with endorsements, WorkStyle assessments, video intros, and other multidimensional profile showcase features. 

However, it isn’t easy to get hired by, especially for novice freelance developers. The platform only hires developers who fit its work standards. Freelancers as evaluated through an initial application process and client interviews. Only 12% of the total applicants who apply get hired by 

50. Freelance Info

Freelance info is an online marketplace that connects businesses with freelancers for IT and web development-related services. More than 1,000 companies have hired freelancers from this platform.

Freelance info review: Benefits of using Freelance info

The benefit of using Freelance-info is its payment transparency. The starting salary for project managers on the platform is 150-200 euros/day. You can also access hourly rates for all job categories. In addition, the platform is 100% free for freelancers. 

Freelance info also has a forum full of discussions and guidance for professional growth. For example, the platform has a blog that provides tips and other necessary information for a successful freelance career.

The development and infrastructure teams offered by the platform work in the background, providing necessary technical services to freelancers working on projects. 

Job listings on the platform are almost always genuine as companies need to list themselves on the platform’s professional directory to post. Additionally, freelancers have access to information about client companies on the platform.  

However, to work as a freelancer on the platform, your CV must be approved by Freelance-info. The platform also gives applicants the choice of submitting an anonymous CV.

51. Communo

Communo is an online freelance marketplace that connects businesses with creative, marketing, and tech talent. The platform has worked with leading global brands such as Unilever, EA, and NASA. Today, over 60,000 freelancers work on Communo. 

Communo review: What are some perks of using Communo as a freelancer

Once you register on Communo, you get exclusive access to various resources and you are given the opportunity to advertise your work on the platform. Moreover, approved applicants on Communo can find a community of freelancers dedicated to helping each other. Exclusive community initiatives include skill-building webinars, online events, and Q&As for freelancers.

Another strength of the platform is its quick hiring service. The average hiring time on Communo is five days, and freelancers often find lucrative jobs on the platform in less than 24 hours. Moreover, as a freelancer registered with the platform, you get access to thousands of jobs across more than 300 creative industries. In addition, freelancers have the option of choosing from 80+ professional roles. 

The platform provides a unique feature called Bench, allowing freelancers to invite other freelancers and clients to their profiles and build their networks. The Guest account feature of lets you explore the platform and decide if it is the freelancing platform for you.

Communo does not charge any service or platform fees, allowing freelancers to keep 100% of their earnings.

However, you need a strong skill set to work as a freelancer on the platform; Communo thoroughly vets its freelancers. 

52. Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs is an online job listing board that connects clients with freelancers, full-time workers, and contractors. 

How to use Authentic Jobs as a freelancer or contractor

Authentic Jobs hosts all kinds of clients, from small local companies to large multinational corporations like Microsoft and Apple. Authentic Jobs also allows employers to post about the job listing in great detail, giving you the chance to understand whether the job is a good fit for you. Authentic Jobs lets you learn about the job requirements and compensation range.

Authentic Jobs review: What are some cons of Authentic Jobs?

Authentic Jobs has an expensive job listing rate of $149-$199 per month. Such pricing means that freelancers often don’t have enough clients to choose from, and the listings are usually for long-term and highly-specialized jobs. The site is also primarily geared toward designers, developers, and creative professionals, so not everyone will benefit from using the site.

To get the most out of Authentic Jobs, freelancers should craft a good job application when applying for a position. This can be done by creating a succinct resume and strong cover letter and preparing well for the interviews. Since Authentic Jobs doesn’t have an inbuilt common application system, it can be a difficult to apply for each job individually through separate portals. To overcome this drawback, you can prepare pre-made templates of resumes and cover letters to save time.

53. Crowdsite

Crowdsite is a European marketplace that connects you with clients for small or large projects. It is built on the premise of crowdsourcing creative work, so you can collaborate and work alongside other designers and creative professionals.

Crowdsite lists projects spanning a wide range of categories, including but not limited to name finding, logo design, flyer design, social media design, web design, app design, app banner, and more. 

Crowdsite’s features for freelancers

As a platform that started in the Netherlands and later expanded to global markets, you can expect to find projects from all regions of the world. Its global presence allows you to build a diverse portfolio and relationships with clients worldwide. 

A key differentiator of Crowdsite is its contest feature. The site allows clients to create contests with creative briefs and announce prize money for the winning entry. Freelancers can compete or collaborate with their contemporaries to win contests. This opportunity can help you push your boundaries and learn from your peers as a creative professional. 

Crowdsite review: What are Crowdsite’s cons? 

Since it is modeled on contests, putting in the work does not guarantee remuneration. While it is a great way to sharpen your skills, it can often feel like you are not being reimbursed for your work. Additionally, finding a relevant contest to enter may be time-consuming. 


54. Freelance Informatique

Freelance Informatique is a platform designed specifically to connect IT-based job seekers to opportunities in France. Currently, over 115,000 consultants and computer scientists are connected through Freelance Informatique. 

Freelance Informatique review: Benefits of using Freelance Informatique?

Freelancer Informatique specializes in connecting freelancers and companies from four key areas of computer science – digital and data, infrastructure, method and profession, and engineering and R&D. The platform groups freelancers by city, making it easy for companies to hire freelancers from different regions in France.

How to start using Freelance informatique as a freelancer

Freelancers can sign up for free at Freelance Informatique using their email addresses or LinkedIn profiles. They can choose to share their areas of expertise, educational background, work experience, and the types of jobs they’re looking for. After that, they can search and apply for jobs that utilize their specific skill set.

Clients can either choose to post a job or submit an assignment offer and contact freelancers directly. Once they find a suitable freelancer for the job, they can use Freelance Informatique to vet the candidates and make payments to the freelancers for the projects they are offered. Alternatively, they can also pay the freelancers directly, but in this scenario, their payment won’t be secured by Freelance Informatique.

55. AwesomeWeb

AwesomeWeb is a freelance website for graphic designers, web developers, and programmers. It manually reviews the profiles of those who register before adding them to the search list for clients to find and select. 

AwesomeWeb review: Benefits of using AwesomeWeb as a freelance designer and developer

AwesomeWeb has built a reputation for having highly skilled freelancers on its platform, meaning that high-end clients use AwesomeWeb for their design needs. Freelancers are guaranteed reliable and well-paying clients. Its extensive vetting process also means that competition on the site is relatively low. 

Once you’ve paid the monthly cover charge of $27, there are no other commissions or hidden costs. It has excellent customer support for both clients and freelancers. The site ensures a 90-day money-back guarantee if you are unable to find clients on the website. Unlike other freelance marketplace alternatives, the website’s layout also prevents a bidding war. This reduces the need for you to undercut prices.

AwesomeWeb review: What are the cons of AwesomeWeb?

There is a high entry barrier at AwesomeWeb: the cover charge of $27 a month can feel steep, and since it features many highly skilled individuals, those with less experience can struggle to find work.

Since there are no bidding wars, freelancers have to wait for clients to contact them directly, making them feel frustrated or helpless as they’re unable to speed up the process. Direct communication with the client also means that there is no way the website can help you or protect you from fraudulent clients since communication is one-on-one. 

56. Koder

Koder is a platform that connects companies with teams of crowdsourced developers and coders for projects.

The coding space usually runs on a pay-per-hour model. However, this implies that low-performing coders get paid the same amount for a sub-par quality of work as someone with solid experience. With Koder, the project’s price is fixed beforehand, allowing freelancers to focus on the task at hand instead of billable hours. 

Koder review: Benefits of using Koder as a freelance developer

Koder’s ‘Enterprise’ feature gives companies the option to hire a team for specific tasks, giving you a chance to collaborate and be a part of a team while maintaining the flexibility of your work schedule. This is an amazing way to meet people from different countries and cultures and learn new skills.

Koder lets you choose between payment in cryptocurrency or real money, an option that is not common on other freelance platforms.  

Koder review: What are some cons of Koder? 

A rigorous vetting process makes joining Koder challenging. Koder set a high bar for quality of work and claims to hire only the top 2% of coders. This barrier to entry renders the platform inaccessible for freelancers with little to no experience. 

Some freelancers who have worked with Koder have found the work environment extremely fast-paced. Depending on your preferred pace of work, this could either mean learning a lot in a short time frame or losing your work-life balance. 

57. Povio Remote

Povio Remote is a service that connects remote engineers and designers to individuals and companies looking to build their products.

Povio Remote review: Benefits of Povio Remote 

The platform offers client’s project management services, easing the burden of administrational and organizational tasks and improving the quality. From your perspective, it may be easier to speak with and explain your problems to the Povio team instead of the client. Many freelancers have found the Povio team to be open to feedback and solution-oriented.

Povio guarantees a steady stream of projects every month, letting you choose from various exciting projects. Most freelancers who have worked with Povio Remote praise the company culture and the environment created by the team. Even while being a remote worker, you will not feel an absence of backup or support. 

Povio Remote review: What are some cons of using Povio Remote for freelancers?

Povio Remote engages in an intense 5-step vetting process before onboarding any freelancer. This means you have to wait longer to get your first project. Some freelancers have also found client expectations to be challenging. The projects on Povio Remote are more extensive than the ones you’ll find on other freelance marketplaces. Povio Remote is known to attract a lot of startups as clients, which often means short deadlines and many pivots.

58. Dribbble

Dribbble is a platform for graphic designers and creative professionals. The platform allows designers to find work and receive advice and feedback from other designers or clients. It has eight categories of services: animation, branding, illustration, mobile, print, product design, typography, and web design. 

Dribbble review: Benefits of using Dribbble as a freelance graphic designer

Dribbble is built on the idea that creativity does not require a geographical location; the platform encourages remote work. Dribbble also allows designers to showcase their work regularly by posting and updating their portfolios. Other designers can give feedback to these portfolios, making Dribbble a nurturing space for newbie designers looking for advice and guidance. It is also a great platform for you to find the best inspiration for your newest creatives. 

Dribbble review: What are some disadvantages of Dribbble?

There have been complaints about how designers who haven’t subscribed to the paid membership being at a disadvantage. Designers using the free account find that their names don’t even appear on searches. There have also been mentions about the same ‘in-crowd’ dominating the space, making it harder for newer designers to succeed. 

The UI has many bugs, and designers find it hard to upload videos despite matching the criteria. Some designers mention that the posting feature is unreliable, and some posts don’t get saved. 

The inadequate user interface is made worse by a poor customer care service. Communication often takes days, and even then is insufficient. Canceling Dribbble’s services are a challenge, and some designers complain of being billed for using the platform even after they have tried deactivating their accounts. 

Best marketplaces for freelance Virtual Assistants, Transcribers & Writers 

59. Contently

Contently is a content marketplace that connects freelancers with clients looking to create and help their brand tell impactful stories. Writers create their profiles on the platform, and the Contently team sees these, assigning projects as they see fit. The platform has some impressive clients like GE, HSBC, and Dell, names that any freelancer would love to have in their portfolio. 

Contently review: Pros of using Contently for freelancers

Contently has a base rate per word, which differs according to the niche/category you are writing for. This eliminates the problem on most other freelance marketplaces of writers underbidding each other to win projects. If you sign up with Contently, you can cash out immediately after submitting your piece, which is another advantage of the platform. 

Working with well-known, global companies strengthens your portfolio. Contently can provide you with access to these organizations, a benefit that few alternative freelance platforms offer. 

Contently review: What are some cons of using Contently marketplace?

As the model of their service requires their team to scout you and assign projects, it can take time to ‘be found.’ Some writers have reported having their portfolios on the site for almost a year before they were contacted by the Contently team. Long lead times are a serious setback for those looking to find quick projects. The Contently team also assigns editors to projects which can often increase the number of revisions, causing you to spend more time on a particular piece. 

60. is a freelance translation marketplace. If you are someone who can speak at least two languages, this is an amazing way to start picking up freelance translation work. Since this marketplace only focuses on translation work, the clients who come here tend to know exactly what they want, and this reduces the number of times your work is rejected or disapproved by clients. review: Why should you use as a freelance translator?

It’s a great platform for finding translation jobs across a number of different languages. A unique feature of this site is its KudoZ system. This is a network that translators can use to help each other out in case they are struggling with translating certain terms or phrases.

Signing up with ProZ is free, and you have different membership schemes to choose from at, like professional memberships for freelancers and business memberships for translation companies. Even within these types, you have different subtypes to choose from with varying membership fees and perks. The fees start at $110 for freelancers and go up to $170.

What do freelancers complain about using

The fees can be prohibitively expensive, especially since there is no guarantee of getting work on the platform. Most other freelance marketplace alternatives tend to charge a commission for the services provided. However, ProZ charges an upfront fee from all freelancers.

61. Translatorscafe

TranslatorsCafe is a directory of translators, interpreters, and translation agencies. As of 20th April 2022, it has a network of 418,959 registered users. The rates you receive can vary, with popular language translators in Chinese, German, Spanish, and Japanese receiving $15 and more an hour and more niche language translators in Korean, Swedish, and Finnish receiving $25 and more. If you have significant experience in translation or specialize in marketing, industrial, medical, and technical know-how, you can expect to receive $35 or more. The average rate of translation ranges from $0.03 to $0.10 per word. 

TranslatorsCafe review: Benefits of using TranslatorsCafe

TranslatorsCafe has a very active discussion community. Here you can meet translators from around the world and post queries and receive support from other translators, be it with certain words or phrases. 

TranslatorsCafe review: What are some cons of using TranslatorsCafe?

It is a highly competitive platform, making it difficult for novice translators. This also means that you must constantly update your profile to be noticed and hired.

There have also been some complaints about translators not getting paid and about the presence of scammers or fake clients who either pay less than the stipulated amount or don’t pay at all. 

62. SEOClerks

SEOClerks, launched in 2011, connects freelancers to buyers for various services such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), digital marketing, programming, content creation, and graphic design. The company currently has more than 700,000 members.  

SEOClerks review: Benefits of using SEOClerks as a freelancer marketer

The main advantage of using SEOClerks is its easy interface. You can apply for projects by clicking the jobs section on the home page and choosing a category. In addition, SEOClerks has a variety of filters to help you land the project you want.

SEOClerks also has a unique feature that differentiates it from SEOClerks alternatives. It assigns levels to its users to reward freelancers who provide high-quality services and help buyers identify good freelancers. The levels – ranging from one to five – classify users based on the number of orders they have completed, how often they log in, how long they take to respond, and so on. An additional level, level X, is assigned to elite users handpicked by SEOClerks for their excellent performance. Many buyers trust SEOClerks with their projects because of this classification system.

SEOClerks does not charge a fee for setting up an account and posting project-related ads. However, it charges a 20% commission fee for every completed project. A freelancer can list services starting at $1.

The payment process at SEOClerks is highly secure. The buyer makes the payment, but the platform withholds it till the service is delivered. This feature has made SEOClerks a reliable platform for freelancers since they do not have to chase clients for payment. Similarly, buyers are assured of refunds if the seller fails to deliver.

SEOClerks review: What are the cons of using SEOClerks?

Despite the checks and balances, there have been instances where clients have canceled their payments upon receiving services. So freelancers need to be careful when choosing clients. 

The SEOClerks app on the Google Play Store is fraught with a high number of ads and pop-ups making it difficult for users to navigate the mobile app.

Check our guide on how to optimize for SEO here:

63. Scribie

Scribie is a transcription site that pays you to convert audio to text. It also offers review and proofreading services. Since 2008, the platform has completed 7M+ transcription minutes for 56,000+ customers worldwide using a strong network of 41,000+ skilled transcribers. 

Scribie’s features for freelance transcriptionist

Most freelancers use Scribie for its simple interface. For example, as a freelance transcriptionist, you are provided with an audio file with guidelines outlining your client’s requirements. Then, you use a word processor to type out the contents of the audio file into text. Once you submit a document, the site’s moderators review the final product and send it to the clients.

Scribie charges its clients $.10/min for automated transcription and $0.80/min for manual transcription. As a freelancer, you can expect to earn between $5 and $25 per audio hour for a freelancer. Moreover, Scribie offers a 2.5% referral commission for any client you refer. 

How to start using Scribie as a freelancer?

However, signing up as a freelancer on Scribie is not easy. First, the platform will review your transcription of a list of text files. Then, if you pass the Scribie test, you will be invited to be a member typically within one business day. 

Additionally, Scribie uses a strict grading system for its freelance members. The grades are based on client ratings and turnaround time. Five is the highest grade you can get. However, if your grade falls below 2.5, you will no longer be allowed to work on the platform.

64. Scribendi

Scribendi has offered proofreading and editing services to clients worldwide since 1997. So far, the platform has provided services to 235,000 clients worldwide.

Scribendi review: What are some of the benefits of using Scribendi?

Scribendi offers a wide array of services including academic editing and quick turnaround times. This sets Scribendi apart from its competitors and leads to them getting many more projects, which in turn benefits freelancers like you who are looking to get more projects.

Another benefit of using Scribendi is its outstanding customer support for freelancers. The platform routinely offers extensive information and feedback to freelancers, noting their errors and telling them how they can improve on their next project. In addition, the platform’s customer service department provides logistical support, such as advertising, marketing, and billing for freelance editors and proofreaders. 

Freelancers do not have to be citizens of an English-speaking country to receive a membership. Scribendi welcomes all applicants with relevant expertise for editing and proofreading. However, one drawback of the platform is that it does not take freelancers from 16 U.S. states, including New York, Washington D.C., and California because their freelance laws clash with Scribendi’s freelance agreement. 

Freelancers do not have to pay any application fees or platform fees to work with Scribendi. Instead, you will be paid for the work you complete as per their contract. The platform also has a price calculator that calculates the price per project based on word count and turnaround time. 

Additionally, you need to complete Scribendi’s online test and mock assignment to be considered a freelance editor for the platform. If you pass their initial tests, the Scribendi team will interview you through a video call. The application process is rigorous, and the company screens applicants to ensure that only the best qualified ones work on their platform. 

65. Scripted

Scripted is a freelance writing platform that uses SmartMatch technology to help clients find suitable freelance writers. With a 2% acceptance rate, Scripted offers high-quality content for its clients. It translates to the benefits Scripted outlines: increased organizational agility, quality content, and improved visibility and market share. You may be required to write blogs, Instagram posts, newsletters, and Q&A.

Scripted review: Benefits of using Scripted as a freelance writer

Scripted has a number of features that make it a lucrative option for writers. It allows you to set your price, gives you a dashboard to manage your clients, and lets you directly reach out to clients to pitch ideas. Additionally, Scripted provides detailed explanations of how content marketing affects each industry. 

However, the membership fee is steep. Clients have to pay a membership fee ranging between $150 to $1,300. Writers are encouraged to write as much as they can, to move up the levels of the Writer Rewards Scheme. The processing fee decreases (from 20% to 0%) as they move up the levels.

What are some customer reviews about Scripted?

The platform has received mixed reviews. The good reviews are from those who regularly produce content and have benefited from ‘moving up’ and clients who are satisfied with the quality and consistency of the content and formed relationships with freelance writers. The bad reviews are from users who thought the membership fee was high, were not satisfied with the content produced, and faced payment issues.

66. Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing connects freelance writers with clients seeking services like writing blogs, press releases, website content, email newsletters, product descriptions, and white papers. 

The platform redirects clients to, through which writers are hired. There are two ways to go about hiring writers – through the managed content service and through the self-service marketplace. The rates for the managed content service start at $999/month, and go up depending on your projects. This aims to provide you a complete end to end to experience with editing.

The other option involves finding and managing your own writers. The prices for US-based and vetted writers start at $75 for a 500-word article.

How does Freelance Writing work as a freelance marketplace?

Other platforms have tools that automatically match the writer’s profile with the clients’ requirements. Whereas writers using Freelance Writing have to comb through job listings and use various filters to find work. This process might discourage writers from registering with Freelance Writing. 

However, the platform has resources for writers like free e-books, guidelines for different types of publications, a list of writing contests, and a database of articles on various topics. This feature is beneficial for beginners or those pursuing freelance writing as a source of alternative income. Unfortunately, the platform’s ability to attract expert-level writers is limited, affecting its credibility.

What do users say about Freelance Writing?

The platform has very few reviews, but most of them are positive. Many users recommend the platform for writers starting out their careers. The resources available help them learn more about the industry.

67. Writers Work

Writers Work is a freelance marketplace for writers. The platform delivers job postings to the writer’s dashboard. In addition, it gives access to a database that lists websites accepting submissions for writers looking for paid publishing opportunities. It also lists openings looking to get started with their freelance careers.

How does Writers Work work for freelance writers?

Additional features include deep-focus writing tools that help eliminate distractions and audio tracks for better focus. Moreover, Writers Work has an in-built grammar checker. This tool provides feedback like readability score, sentiment, grade reading level, and reading time that enhances a writer’s work. It also includes training modules on finding clients and how to charge them. 

Finally, Writers Work has organization tools like a project organizer, a habit builder, and a tool to create a professional portfolio.

A freelance writer can access all these features for a one-time fee of $47 or $15 per month. The platform also has a 30-day money-back guarantee.

68. Bunny Studio

Bunny Studio is a freelance marketplace that offers voice-overs, audio, writing, video, design, transcription, and translation services. The voice-over and audio category caters to advertisements, commercials, audiobooks, and podcasts. Bunny Studio differentiates itself from other freelance platforms by offering the client voice-overs in over 100+ languages and accents.

How to use Bunny Studio as a freelancer?

The client needs to submit a project brief to Bunny Studio to obtain a voice-over. The client can then choose from three sub-categories. First, Speedy uses AI to match the clients with freelancers best suited for the project. Next, Booking allows clients to browse for freelancers. These freelancers are called Bunny Voice Pros and have an acceptance rate of 4%. The third and final category, Contest, lets the client receive three freelance auditions. The winner is chosen after an evaluation by the client. If you are chosen by the client, you will work with them on the voice-over production until the requirements are met. Finally, the client can download the voice-over or ask you to make a few revisions.

Each of these channels is priced according to the duration of the voice-over. For example, a 30-second voice-over costs $60 if the client chooses Booking, whereas a 30-minute voice-over costs $449.

If the client has a large-scale project, Bunny Studio offers clients a software integration program that can automate the project’s production.

What are some customer reviews about Bunny Studios?

According to Trustpilot, Bunny Studios has an average rating of 4.7 stars. These reviews testify to the quality of the voice-overs and the range of languages offered. However, one review cautions professional voice-over artists to be mindful while negotiating their prices.

69. ServiceScape

ServiceScape is a freelance marketplace that has been in business for more than 20 years, building up a reputation for high-quality work and services. It has received a rating of 4.9 out of 5 from 254 customers on Ekomi. The company’s vast experience means it has constructed a network of experienced freelancers, including editors, translators, writers, and graphic designers.

ServiceScape review: What are the benefits of ServiceScape?

The platform has numerous benefits that make it the go-to platform for freelancers and businesses alike. It is simple to navigate; first-time users can use it with little to no difficulty, making it an attractive proposition for people with limited freelancing experience. ServiceScape also features a detailed profile for each freelancer, including their price, client ratings and reviews, and work samples. This profile ensures that you can showcase the quality of your work, and your clients know what they are signing up for. This reduces the likelihood of your work being rejected or disputed by clients. 

Another advantage is that companies can set up subsidiary accounts for their employees to make the most of ServiceScape freelancers for secondary tasks. The platform also enables you to communicate with clients through live chats and conference calls. Finally, clients can select a predefined service or set a custom project when hiring a freelancer. 

ServiceScape review: What are the cons of using ServiceScape?

The client support system is not ideal since they don’t provide a phone number for customer help. The platform doesn’t have an algorithm that matches you with clients, meaning the client has to do the leg work to find the right professional.

70. Writerbay

Writerbay is an online freelance platform that facilitates the interaction between freelance writers and those in need of good content. It looks for writers who are subject matter experts and can deliver quality work on time. It ensures quality by conducting a thorough registration process: a grammar/formatting test, a writing prompt, and checking your educational credentials. It focuses on academic as well as professional work. 

Writerbay review: Pros of using Writerbay as a freelancer

There are several reasons that freelance writers should use this platform. Though there is a thorough registration process, there is no fee. Once registered, you also have free lifetime membership on the platform. Additionally, the rates are relatively affordable. The competitive rates mean that you are never short of work, and companies that are hiring don’t hesitate to enlist writers. Another key benefit is that the platform provides a variety of assignments and projects that excite writers. The platform is also committed to the growth of its writers; Writerbay provides a writer support team that is available 24/7.

Writerbay review: Some negative reviews about Writerbay

For starters, the demanding registration process means you need to have a Bachelor’s degree to begin work. This entry requirement bars many potential candidates and prevents writers who didn’t get a college education from gaining access to clients on the platform.

Moreover, the platform seems to favor writers who are constantly online on their system, which can create pressure to be logged in all the time. 

71. Freelance Writing Jobs

Also known as Freelance Writing Gigs, the platform helps writers find jobs that pay well. The platform selects work from job listings, company websites, and classified ads and collates them all in one place for your convenience. The listings include gigs that may be loosely related to writing but do not involve writing, such as editing, proofreading, and blogging.

Freelance Writing Jobs review: What are the advantages of Freelance Writing Jobs?

The platform has many benefits for freelance writers. The job listings are updated daily from Monday to Friday, ensuring that you are kept up to date with recent listings, and new jobs are always available. Another advantage is that the website features many tips for improving your freelance writing, allowing you to develop as a writer. In addition, the platform doesn’t feature any low-paying jobs that appear exploitative. Finally, the platform collates profiles from many sources rather than getting companies to list directly. This process means that there is a greater variety of jobs and companies compared to other platforms. 

Freelance Writing Jobs review: Some cons of using Freelance Writing Jobs

There are, however, some disadvantages for writers. While the platform features job postings, it does not include information about the offered rate, which can cause situations where writers apply for jobs that don’t meet their compensation expectations. Another drawback is that the freelancers are restricted to the jobs that the platform chooses to feature, causing some lucrative job listings to slip through the cracks. 

72. Credo

Founded in 2013, Credo is an online marketplace that connects businesses with marketing agencies. The platform offers services such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), content marketing, social media management, and running ads. The platform is trusted by over 6,000 companies, including leading brands such as Google, The New York Times, Adobe, and Airbnb.

How can freelancers use Credo?

Since Credo is a specialist platform that helps clients hire marketing agencies, it’s crucial for you to be operating marketing agency to find clients. Unlike most other freelance platforms that offer matchmaking services between freelancers and clients, Credo is solely focused on helping firms hire agencies. The platform promises businesses that they can find marketing providers 68% faster through its platform than by relying on traditional hiring approaches. That’s how quick and smooth Credo is! 

Special features of Credo for freelancers

While there are a number of alternative freelance platforms, there aren’t as many platforms for discovering marketing agencies. This makes Credo a particularly exciting platform for all marketing providers.

Credo also has its own freelance hourly rate calculator that calculates what you can earn as a provider on the platform based on your hours per week and vacations per year. The calculator also lets you set a target income for yourself by taking tax and hourly rates into account.

Besides, Credo also provides free training and guides on marketing; the platform’s resources include guides to email marketing, real estate marketing, and various marketing calculators.  


Founded in 1998, connects freelancers with businesses in the media industry. The platform claims to be the most sought-after resource by freelance journalists and reporters, receiving between 2.5 to 3 million page views a month. It offers reporting, editing, lecturing, and photography services. The platform has worked with leading businesses in the media industry, including ESPN, Time Magazine, CNN, Wall Street Journal, and Reuters. review: Benefits of using as a freelance journalist

JournalismJobs’ commitment to job authenticity and reliability is a significant advantage. The platform does not post sponsored job listings. 

Compared to its competitor MediaBistro, JournalismJobs charges its clients lower fees. For example, while MediaBistro charges $297 for a one-month job posting, JournalismJobs’ pricing starts at $100. In addition, it also offers discounts on multiple job posts. Therefore, you are likely to see more freelance opportunities available on this platform.

The platform also has a reputation for good customer support. It’s customer support teams are active on social media and quickly fix issues that users encounter.

However, reviews suggest that some major newspapers are absent on the platform. In addition, the platform is quite competitive. Therefore, if you are a freelancer without educational achievements and a decent portfolio, you could have difficulty finding gigs on

Useme is an online freelance platforms where companies can hire on-demand, remote professionals for freelance work. Useme is different from other job listing agencies as it does the hiring itself rather than being the mediator for recruitment.

How to use Useme as a freelancer

One of Useme’s most interesting features is its safe online contract feature. This means that Useme doesn’t let the business obtain the freelancer’s work until the payment has been made. This feature is particularly useful for freelancers because, as you’ve probably experienced at some point, often clients withhold or delay payments. 

Useme’s website also has a very intuitive interface that makes it easy to adapt to the website. Furthermore, Useme has an active customer service helpline to help you with any problem that you encounter.

Useme review: What are some of the biggest limitations of using Useme?

Useme is different from other job listing agencies as it does not connect you with a third-party employer. Instead, it employs you directly and sends a single bill to the client rather than separate billing for each freelancer. This model can be disadvantageous to freelancers as Useme takes a pay cut for every dollar a freelancer earns. 

This model also makes it harder for freelancers looking to expand their professional networks and create relationships with companies, limiting future opportunities.

75. Translatorsbase

Translatorsbase is an online marketplace for translators where you can create an online presence, apply for work, share knowledge, and collaborate. It was started in 2002 and is currently one of the most popular translation websites with support for hundreds of languages and almost all kinds of paperwork.

How to make the most out of Translatorsbase as a freelance translator

To get started on Translatorsbase, you have to create an account and pay a subscription fee, either as a freelancer or as an agency. The site is free for clients to use, which is a great benefit for freelancers as it increases the total number of opportunities listed on the platform. Translatorsbase has options for multiple languages and document types. Another helpful tool is the website creator, which helps you create your website specifically tailored for translation jobs.

Translatorsbase review: What are some cons of Translatorsbase 

Translatorbase doesn’t connect freelancers with clients directly. Instead, you are to bid for a single assignment at once. This process means that multiple freelancers can apply for the same job simultaneously, and the client gets to choose which professional they want. 

To increase your chances of getting selected, you can do a few things: ensure that your bid is competitive with respect to other bids and make your resume as detailed as possible to get the client’s attention. Furthermore, jobs are updated every minute on the site, and you can apply to multiple gigs at once, which increases your chances of getting a good deal.

76. Paperell

Paperell is a specialist website that is specifically designed for academic writing freelancers. The writing services offered include cover essays, dissertations, research paper writing, and other common assignments that most students require. Paperell guarantees that the work is free of plagiarism and confidential.

Paperell review: Benefits of using Paperell as a freelance writer

The platform lets you build your profile, focusing on your educational background, previous work, and success rate. Your profile also displays comments, reviews, and recommendations from previous clients, making it easy to build a robust portfolio. With a reassuring body of work, you will be able to increase your charges. The review-feedback mechanism on Paperell positions you as a legitimate professional, making the process of onboarding new clients easier with each passing project. 

Paperell review: What are some cons of Paperell?

Joining the Paperell team involves taking a few grammar and writing tests. The service is fully vetted, making joining a time-consuming process for someone looking to find work quickly. Its writers are a team of experts with MA degrees or higher qualifications, making it a reasonably competitive platform for freelancers. 

77. Pepper Content

Pepper Content is a marketplace created for freelance content writers, graphic designers, and language translators. The site aims to form a dense talent network to provide clients with top-notch writing and design content.

Why is Pepper Content so popular as a freelance marketplace?

Pepper Content has an excellent user interface. Becoming a creator on the site is relatively easy, although you have to meet specific qualifications to be accepted as a member. While this could be a little discouraging for some creators, it’s good to see the site recognizing extremely skilled and proficient creators for their work. For example, writers have to pass a grammar and writing test before being accepted as freelancers on the site. The site offers creators a starting pay rate based on their scores on these skill tests. 

Creators on the site can choose their niche, working days, and number of hours they wish to work. The entire sign-on process is very professional and organized, and it’s free to be a member on the site.

Pepper Content review: Cons of using Pepper Content

The site requires the creator/professional to sign a legal contract before being accepted as a member. This legal binding can be incredibly daunting for someone starting in their career.

The site has built-in FAQ sections to answer any questions creators might have, but lacks the human touch and personalized help that new creators often require to grow.

In addition, Pepper Content hardly assigns tasks to new members because jobs are given based on an algorithm.

Which freelancing platform is right for you?

Freelancing gives individuals control over their working hours, environment, and earnings. These benefits, along with the pandemic-driven preference for remote jobs, are causing the gig economy to grow fast.

Using a freelancing website is worth your time and effort. Not only do they provide a diverse range of opportunities, but they are also an excellent opportunity to interact with high-quality clientele from all across the world. Best of all, you get to be your own boss, and work on your own time!

Freelance websites can be fantastic resources for both new and experienced freelancers, as well as those looking for solutions for their businesses or personal needs. Furthermore, the best freelance platforms include useful advice and guidance for new freelancers.

However, remote work comes with its own challenges, such as unpaid invoices, lack of employee benefits, and difficulty securing projects. Choosing the right platform that provides good payment terms, customer support, and a wide range of listings can help you grow your freelance career. 

To thrive on freelancing platforms, regardless of your degree of expertise, you must be able to market your abilities, establish your pricing appropriately, and sell yourself effectively. Make sure you get outstanding reviews to set yourself apart from the competition.

You should now have a strong grasp of how freelancing works and what the best freelance websites are. You might even be confident of getting a job on one or more of these platforms and expanding your personal brand or business. If you have been considering starting your freelance career, now is the time to take advantage of these opportunities!