26 Amazing Gifts for Bloggers (We Actually Want These)

  • June 15, 2023
gifts for bloggers

Looking for the best gifts for bloggers guide? Well I got you covered with these 26 amazing blogger gifts that we actually want.

So whether you’re looking to grab a gift for yourself, or a gift for a blogger babe, you really can’t go wrong with anything on this list.

And just in case this was sent to you by your blogger babe as a “hint” *wink wink*, I’ve made it super easy for you to pick the perfect gift for them.

So whether you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas, for a birthday or another special occasion, be sure to save this post in case you need more gift ideas later LOL.

Disclaimer: Please note this post may contain affiliate links. This means I may receive a commission if clicked at no extra cost to you. Though the opinions remain my own

Tech Gifts Bloggers Need

As a blogger, there are certain things we absolutely need and that’s our techy stuff. So although your blogger babe may already have some of these, think if it may be time for an upgrade.

Here are my favorite tech gift ideas for bloggers because they are ones I personally love and use myself.


Now I personally am NOT a MacBook type of person. I am Android and PC all the way which is why I absolutely love my HP Envy x360 laptop.

It has a huge screen which comes in handy when not working at my desk. I love that it’s completely touchscreen and can fold back to become a tablet. When I knew I was ready to get serious about blogging, this is the laptop I invested into.

Does your blogger babe need this? – If they already have a well-functioning laptop then no, this is not the gift for them. But if they are constantly mentioning their laptop is slow or glitchy then it might be time for an upgrade.


Can I just say that I am so happy I purchased this camera? My Sony a6100 camera has came in handy in so many occasions. I had initially grabbed it to take with me to my travel adventures but then 2020 happened.

But with all the features that this camera has including slow motion, fast shutter, multiple scenes and more, it’s perfect for any type of blogger. Plus this Sony camera bundle here specifically comes with the additional accessories we would need (some I still need to grab for myself).

Does your blogger babe need this? – If they are planning to or already take their own pictures for their blogs then possibly. It’ll depend on how good their current camera is. And if your blogger babe is a travel or food blogger, then taking their own pictures definitely comes in handy.

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Now this mic is small but powerful and super clear. Yes, I have this ZealSound Rose Gold Mic myself and am so happy with it. It’s the only mic I’ve ever owned and is the one I use to make all my YouTube video tutorials.

It connects easily to the laptop and allows me to connect my headset to it so I can hear myself as I speak. Plus it was super affordable and didn’t cost me hundreds of dollars so such a win!

Does your blogger babe need this? – Not every blogger needs a mic. This studio microphone is specifically for bloggers who will be making video tutorials, going on Live camera or podcasting.


Okay so we more than likely already have a webcam directly installed into our laptop, so why need this professional webcam right? Wrong.

As much as we love our laptops, something has to give and normally the webcam installed is not the best. That’s why webcams are so popular. With HD resolution, built-in microphone and noise reduction, this HD webcam is perfect.

Does your blogger babe need this? – If they need they a mic, then they more than likely would need a webcam too as the signs are similar. If video tutorials, lives or interviews will be made then yes. Please don’t let them use the laptop webcam for these situations.

Ring Light

Haha if you’re not a blogger (or even if you are), this may or may not be your first time seeing this famous Neewer LED Ring Light. It’s what makes most pictures and videos look amazingly bright.

It is by far the most common and the favorite ring light used by many bloggers including myself. The 18′ ring light is dimmable and comes with a rotatable phone and camera holder. It’s a great ring light to have if you’re taking pictures or videos of any kind.

Does your blogger babe need this? – If they will be taking their own pictures (especially for stock images), will be recording themselves, anything to showcase or attending any lives, then yes, it would definitely help to have one.

Laptop Lap Desk

This laptop lap desk is amazing for working on the couch or bed. Now you’re probably thinking why we would even need to do this. And truth be told is we get obsessed with working on our blogs and making Pinterest pins is something that we can do while watching TV.

I have this specific laptop lap desk and it’s home is the corner couch table. The padding and mouse pad space definitely makes it easy for me to multi-task and it’ll help your blogger babe do the same.

Does your blogger babe need this? – If they’re good multitaskers or if you find them working from the couch and bed on occasions, then yes. The extra padding and mouse pad will make it super easy for them to work and watch TV at once haha.

Blogging Tools Bloggers Can’t Live Without

Now this list of blogging tools and resources are the ones that we bloggers absolutely cannot do without. Having these tools not only makes our blogging lives easier but it helps us grow quicker as well.

And if you’re not a blogger yourself, you probably won’t have any idea of what any of these are. But don’t worry, I’ll keep them short, sweet and to the point to help you find the best gift for your blogger babe.

self hosting providers bluehost and siteground

Self-Hosting Provider

There are two primary hosting providers that bloggers who want to make money use. A self-hosting provider is pretty much helping maintain the site, with the full site ownership belonging to the blogger.


The beginner and budget-friendly hosting provider option is Bluehost. I didn’t have any issues with them besides making my site slower than it should be. But if you’re on a budget, then this hosting provider would still get the job done. View the Bluehost plans here.

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But if your blogger babe is ready to take their site to the next level, Siteground is the way to go. It’ll improve the site speed which is super important for success and is the top recommended hosting provider out there. View the Siteground plans here.

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Does your blogger babe need this? – If you hear your blogger using Wix, Blogger or GoDaddy, then YES. They would absolutely need a self-hosting provider as these options mentioned are not (meaning they don’t own their own blog site).

tailwind, a pinterest scheduler gift idea for bloggers

Tailwind, a Pinterest Scheduler

Having a scheduler of some sort is seriously such a game changer when it comes to saving time. Tailwind is the preferred Pinterest scheduling tool as it comes with so many amazing features that helps Pinterest pins get scheduled within minutes.

Now they’re also an Instagram scheduler too so depending on where your blogger babe hangs out in social media, this tool might be for them. View the scheduler plans here.

Does your blogger babe need this? – If they’re low on time or are constantly complaining at how long it takes to schedule pins and Instagram posts, then perhaps they aren’t using a scheduler. I’ll admit that it may involve a bit more digging on your end to know whether they already have this tool or not.

canva gift idea

Canva Pro

Now I will say that more than likely they are already using Canva, an easy graphic design tool. But do you know if they’re using the free or pro version?

Chances are, if they are a newer blogger, they are probably using the free version. However, there are many benefits to upgrading to Canva Pro and is an insanely useful tool for bloggers who are not graphic designers by heart. View the Canva Pro plans here.

Does your blogger babe need this? – If they don’t have the Pro version and are not using a more advanced tool like Photoshop, then yes. It makes it super easy and fun to make blog graphics for our blogs.

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Sneak Peek Inside canva pin templates - one of the best gifts for bloggers

Pinterest Pin Templates

By now I think you can tell that I love anything that helps us bloggers save time because trust me, we are busy! And with Pinterest wanting us to continuously create new pin graphics, having pre-made pin templates is a huge help.

Plus, there are other things we need to be focusing on as well. Canva pin templates will give your blogger babe some extra tools to pump out Pinterest pins a lot faster while achieving better results.

Does your blogger babe need this? – If their graphic designing skills aren’t quite there or if it’s taking them more than 10 minutes to create a single Pinterest pin, then this is definitely something for them.

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legal bundle value pack

Legal Pages

Hopefully your blogger babe has already purchased their legal pages for their blog but just in case, here they are. There are three primary legal pages that every blogger needs to have on their site to say protected. This Legal Bundle Value Pack has everything a blogger needs.

And trust me, legally protecting their blog is an actual thing. People get sued for different things all the time and having the proper legal pages in place can help protect them and their blog. Take a look at this amazing legal bundle value pack here and help them stay protected.

Does your blogger babe need this? – This part should be easy. Simply go over to their blog and see if you see the following pages in the menu or footer of the site: Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer. Each should be pretty lengthy (not just two paragraphs). If they are missing this, then they need legal pages asap!

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ivory mix as a gift for blogger idea

Stock Photos

I honestly don’t know what I would do without stock photos. Stock photos are all the nice and bright photos you see throughout almost every single blog (unless it’s a travel blog).

And that’s because we might as well leave the picture taking up to the professionals to help save us some time. I have like 3 different stock photo memberships and can’t seem to give any up as they each have their own unique style.

My favorite stock photos come from Ivory Mix, Styled Stock Society and Canva Pro. Seriously, check them for yourself and take a look at how beautiful their images are.

Does your blogger babe need this? – If I’m being honest, they are probably already getting their stock photos from somewhere. However, free stock images are heavily used and are lower quality so it may be a good option to have. I stay away from free photos as much as possible and mainly pick the ones from my memberships to use across all my sites.

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Invest Into Blogging Education

I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have grown nearly as fast as I did had I not invested into my blogging education. It’s like getting shortcuts to help you achieve whatever goals you have in mind.

Depending on what they are already know, what they don’t know and what they want to accomplish, there is a course out there for it.

And coming from a course junkie (me), these courses and their creators are amazing and so much will be learned from them. That’s exactly why they made it onto this ultimate gifts for bloggers wish list.

blog by the number course bundle - one of the best gifts for bloggers who are just starting out

How To Start a Blog Course

You can never go wrong with Suzi’s courses. Blog by the Number Course is your ultimate beginner’s course on how to get started with blogging. I mean, take a look at the value of this bundle, it’s a rare gem when you see a blog course with this much included.

Who is this for? This course is particularly aimed at beginner bloggers who have not yet started their blog or are in the very early phases. Help your blogging babe start off right with this Blog by the Number Course.

exclusive blogging myths and strategy secrets revealed ebook - one of the best gifts for bloggers who are feeling overwhelmed by blogging

Create a Blog Strategy eBook

Like I said before, we’re busy people because there is always something to do. And as much as we try, it’s really hard for us to let go of some tasks. That’s where this Strategy Secrets Revealed eBook comes in. It’s filled with strategy secrets and guidance to help bloggers achieve more by doing less.

Who is this for? It’s targeted to help the newish and overwhelmed blogger define a unique schedule and strategy plan to help them grow. It’s truly one of the best gifts for bloggers on this list! If your blogger babe is feeling frustrated or seems to be overworking themselves, this is the strategy book they need.

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affiliate marketing simplified course

Affiliate Marketing Course

Why is your blogger babe well…blogging? I assume it’s to make money right? Well, one of the best ways to make money blogging is through affiliate marketing and this Affiliate Marketing Simplified course was a game changer for me.

Who is this for? This blogging course is for bloggers who are ready to start making money regardless of how much traffic they are getting to their site. It helps you optimize your posts to turn readers into customers. So if your blogger babe is ready to make money blogging, this affiliate marketing course is for them.

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SEO ebook bundle as a blogger gift idea

SEO for Bloggers eBooks

You may have heard that in order for a blogger to be successful is to gain lots of site traffic. More specifically, the ultimate blogging goal is to land on page one of Google for multiple keywords. And that’s where this SEO eBook Bundle comes in. It’s intended purpose is to help bloggers optimize their blog posts for better search engine ranking.

Who is this for? Every single blogger should be focusing on SEO (search engine optimization). Once big common mistake is waiting too long to start because it seems too complicated but in reality, this is the missing key that could really help accelerate blog growth. So if your blogger babe is not seeing high traffic yet, this SEO eBook Duo is for them.

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sales funnel ebook

Sales Funnel eBook

Imagine if sales came in while you slept, showered, ate etc.? Let me tell you, the feeling is AMAZING! And if your blogger babe wants to start making money but feels that they don’t have enough traffic to do so, that’s an untrue statement. This Sales Funnel eBook explains how to use existing traffic to generate sales consistently.

Who is this for? This part is easy. This is for any blogger who wants to make money but thinks their traffic is too low. Or maybe they have the traffic but don’t have a system in place to generate sales on auto-pilot. That’s where this Evergreen Sales Funnel eBook can help.

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Blogger Pride Gifts They’ll Love

And lastly, the best thing about us bloggers is that we absolutely LOVE BLOGGING. So this is where our blogging pride comes in, even if people don’t know how much work it actually takes to be a blogger. Because you know what?

We know how hard it is to be us yet we love it and we do it anyways. So these are are amazing gifts for bloggers that they’ll absolutely love.

Blogging Tees

I only got my first blogging tee a few weeks ago and want to start a whole collection. Like I said, I’m a proud blogger and love to hang out in tees and leggings. Get me a blogging tee for everyday of the week and I would be set! And I’m sure your blogging babe would be too.

Check out these awesome blogging tees below. Simply click on the images to view more details of these tee gifts for bloggers.

I'm totally blogging about this tee for bloggers

Can someone get this shirt for me please? The heather mint color would be great, thanks 🤣. This is seriously how I feel about any and all blogging tees LOL, especially since they are so limited. So grab your “I’m totally blogging about this” tee gift here.

fashion blogger tee as a gift idea for bloggers

Now I’m not a fashion blogger but this blogging tee is superrrr cute! So if your blogger babe is a fashion blogger, this would be the perfect shirt to give as there aren’t many fashion gifts for bloggers. Check out the fashion blogger tee options here.

probably bloggin tee for bloggers

Have I mentioned we get addicted to blogging? Yeah it’s true and therefore, so is the statement on this awesome blogging tee. This is also why I am so bad at texting my friends and family back, because I’m always busy bloggin haha! Check out this awesome blogging tee here.

blogging is my cardio tee

Who else has said they will work at home to blog which means working out more but then don’t? 🙋🏻‍♀️ Haha I am so guilty of this so blogging is definitely my cardio and is what keeps my heart racing and I’m sure it’s the same for them too. Check out this blogging is my cardio tee here.

blogging mom tee as an awesome gifts for bloggers idea

Hmm.. okay maybe I’ll take this one too since I am a mom blogger and a blogging mom haha. How about your blogger babe? Are they a mama blogger? If so, I guarantee they would love this soft T-shirt! Check out the different color options to this blogging mom tee here.

yes im one of those blog people tee

Haha I’m not sure why this one made me laugh pretty hard, I guess it’s an inside blogger joke. It’s probably because everyone underestimates the amount of work that we do or don’t even take it seriously. So yeah, we’re blog people and what? Check out the different shirt styles for this blogging tee here.

Coffee Mugs

Now blogging mugs are a rare find and if they are a coffee drinker, they’ll definitely love these! And no, just because we already some at home doesn’t mean we won’t make space for one more LOL!

Click on the images below to be taken directly to the shop for more details on these mug gifts for bloggers.

mom blogger mug

Especially if they blog about parenting or mom life, this mug is for them. Do they need it? Probably not BUT they’ll absolutely love it because you really can’t find these in stores. Visit the mom blogger mug details here.

customizable blog mug as a gift idea for bloggers

OMG who wouldn’t want a personalized mug with their blog name on it?? Plus, the font comes in 19 different colors so the brand color will likely be an option. They would be shocked (the happy kind) if you surprised them with this mug. Click here for more details on this blogging mug.

gifts for bloggers

Your Ultimate Gifts for Bloggers Guide

Well there you have it. Your ultimate gifts for bloggers guide which by the way, you should definitely save for later because birthdays and holidays happen each year 😉

So tell me. Did you find something you absolutely love? Or maybe you’re totally sharing this list with your fam as your wish list? (I know I am because I want those tees LOL)

I would love to know what your favorite blogger gift idea from the list is. Drop a comment below so we (and they) can see LOL!

And remember, there is always something to be happy for… Cheers to blogging! What are you cheering to today?