Best List of Facebook Groups For Bloggers to Grow Your Blog

  • July 15, 2023

Facebook groups for bloggers have become the best spot for bloggers to hang out online. They’re a great place to find inspiration, get advice, connect with other bloggers within your niche and learn new things you may not have known about otherwise. 

However, with all the different lists of Facebook groups for bloggers, it can be overwhelming to know which ones you should join. This is especially if you’re unsure on what to look for or how to know if it’s a quality group.

Plus, I’ll be honest and say that not everything about Facebook groups is good. So here, we’ll talk about the pros and cons of Facebook groups for bloggers, as well as the top (free) recommended groups that’ll fit for your specific needs and answer your common questions.

So if you’re a fellow blogger, make sure you stick around to learn which ones are the best groups to join for free to help you grow your blog.

Disclaimer: Please note this post may contain affiliate links. This means I may receive a commission if clicked at no extra cost to you. Though the opinions remain my own

About Facebook Groups

Okay but first, what is a Facebook group?

A Facebook group is an online community where people with shared interests can communicate. Anyone can create a group for anything including blogging, travel, motherhood etc. and it’s up to you to decide whether you would like to join or not.

Now, Facebook groups for bloggers are communities where like-minded bloggers like us get to share information related to… yup, you guessed it – blogging. Many times these groups are filled with bloggers of all levels, from beginners to experienced and in-between. It’s a place where we can ask questions, share our wins and struggles and even promote our new content via sharing threads.

And yes, if you’re a blogger, you definitely want to join some of these. But it’s still important for you to know how it could benefit you (and how it may not).

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Pros & Cons to Facebook Groups for Bloggers

Like I said, while there are many benefits of joining Facebook groups for bloggers, they also come with some cons. So let’s take a look at what these are below.

Pros of Joining Blogger Facebook Groups

Personally, I believe joining blogger Facebook groups comes with many benefits, probably more than I can list out below. And some pros may even be specific to certain groups (which we’ll discuss those in the list of Facebook groups section). However, these pros below are the ones that stand out to me the most.

Network and build relationships with other bloggers in your niche

These groups are a great place to connect with other bloggers, especially ones within your niche. And truth be told, the online blogging world can be lonely at times so finding blogger friends is actually a critical component to your success.

Think about it, your real-life family and friends don’t quite understand what it is that you do. They may not even believe that this could be a real business, even though it is. So by joining Facebook groups for bloggers, you’re joining a community filled with other people who share common interests and goals.

And the more you get involved with the group, the better your chances are of making blogger friends that can support you, provide you with guidance and be someone to bounce ideas off from.

Ask questions and receive advice from experienced bloggers

One of the best reasons why it’s great to join blogger Facebook groups is because it’s a safe community for you to ask your questions and receive advice from other bloggers so that you yourself can become a better blogger.

It’s a place where you don’t need to feel “silly” asking a question because chances are, there are others who are wondering the same thing. In fact, I actually see this happen quite often where someone responds in the comments “following” or “thank you for asking, I also don’t know.” 

So definitely take advantage and ask your questions because that’s how you’ll learn. No matter if you need support on how to make money blogging, how to boost blog traffic, how to set up your blog or anything else, feel free to ask whatever you need (as long as the group allows it).

Learn new things about blogging from other bloggers

Similarly to asking questions, you may also be surprised at what you learn from other bloggers simply by hanging out in the group.

There is no one right way to blog. There are just so many different approaches to blogging and everyone takes a unique approach on how they blog, how to write their blog posts and more. And this exactly how it should be as every blogger should have their own unique blog strategy plan.

This means that you’ll see so many perspectives on the same thing, and then you can try them out (or blend a few) and find what works best for you.

And something I like to say is that you don’t know what you don’t know, right? So someone may ask a question you hadn’t even thought of yet but also don’t know what the answer is. Now boom, you’ve just discovered something new.

Confess your struggles to gain feedback and insight

Remember how I said you don’t need to feel silly when asking for help? Yeah, these are safe communities for you to also confess where you’re struggling. That makes it the perfect opportunity to request feedback from fresh eyes. 

We’ve all been there and we all have our own blogging struggles that we deal with. But it doesn’t mean we have to deal with them by ourselves.

So I definitely encourage you to ask for help, especially if you feel like you’re at a dead end and don’t know how to proceed. You’ll find that you just might get the exact answers you were looking for to get you back on the right track.

Find inspiration from other bloggers’ posts and blogs

You can also find inspiration from other bloggers based on what they’re posting about in the group and by taking a look at their websites.

By doing this, you’ll get an idea on what others within your niche are working on and what your readers may be wanting from you.

Of course I’m not saying to copy because that is never okay. But you do want to be aware of what others within your niche are doing that you aren’t and vice versa.

Self-promotion via daily sharing threads

Lastly, many Facebook groups for bloggers allow self-promotion in blogger sharing threads. These are where you can promote your newest content, social media pages, freebies and more. 

Each sharing thread will have specific instructions on what you can share (and what you can’t). The more interaction you have with these, the more chances you have of getting some engagement in return.

Sharing threads are good in the beginning to help you spread awareness of your blog and possibly connect with others within your niche.

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Cons of Joining Blogger Facebook Groups

Although my experience with Facebook groups has been mostly positive. There are a few downsides to joining these groups too because you know, nothing in life is perfect LOL.

Some groups are more active than others

Not all groups have the most active participation

You’ll find that some are more beneficial than others for what you’re trying to achieve whether it’s getting your questions answered, receiving feedback or getting engagement on your posts.

However, when joining a group, you can actually see how many posts that group has a month and how many new members they received the previous week. These are typically good indicators on how active a group is so you can make the decision on whether to join or not beforehand.

Worse case scenario would only be you joining and then coming to realize it’s not as active as you’d like it to be. If this happens, just leave the group.

You or your posts may be removed at any time

If you aren’t following the rules, you or your posts may be removed at any time without warning. However, there may also be times when another group member has reported your post mistakenly or simply because they don’t agree.

Most times though, it’s because you actually broke the rules LOL (even if you didn’t mean to). So on top of leaving a bad impression with your fellow blog members, the group admin can choose to remove you from the group at any time.

For this reason, it’s very important you become familiar with every group’s rules to ensure you are following them. When in doubt, check the rules. And yes, if you’re a part of many groups, this can be a bit difficult to keep up with.

Thankfully, Facebook has now made it super easy for you to do so by providing you quick access to the rules when drafting your post or comment.

Sharing threads are time consuming

I’ll admit that I used to loveee participating in sharing threads. However, they do require quite some effort from my end to ensure that I reciprocate and share others as well. You can’t just post your content on sharing threads and expect others to engage if you’re not going to yourself. 

Remember when I said this is where bloggers get to know one another? Yeah well, not reciprocating will leave a bad taste in people’s mouths so by leaving your own comment in a share thread, you must reciprocate according to the rules.

And the more threads you drop a comment in, the more time consuming it’ll be. So definitely don’t overload yourself with many share threads as it’s actually not the best use of your time.

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Not every group member is nice

Yup, unfortunately there are blogger trolls who enjoy commenting negative or rudely to others. It’s not very easy to spot trolls when accepting them into the group so sometimes they may affect a few members before the admin realizes they aren’t being nice.

It’s easy to become a target of jealousy, especially if your blog is doing pretty well. So it’s important to have tough skin as my husband says because at some point, you’ll need to be prepared for someone to say something negative about you or your product.

Trust me, I’ve been here and it’s not cool. But just because one person out of a blogging group with over 20K members said something rude, doesn’t mean the entire group is a waste. Be do watch out for fake profiles and negative Nancy’s in these Facebook groups for bloggers (and feel free to report them too).

Top List of Facebook Groups for Bloggers

Okay, finally! Onto the list of Facebook groups for bloggers LOL. I know, I know. I just needed to get all that stuff out of the way just in case you didn’t know. 

Now, I’ve been a part of soooo many blogging groups and have also left a few. So after being a member in several, these below are the ones I found to be the best Facebook groups for bloggers to join to grow and learn.

Promo Threads and Support

The Facebook groups below are ones that have daily promo threads to give you a chance to further your blog’s reach. 

They also allow questions on their main wall so are very smart ones to join.

becoming a blogger facebook group

Becoming a Blogger

Now this is one of my personal favorites and is especially awesome if you are wanting to run a successful blog business from home. This group was created by Cate Rosales with Sweet and Simple Life, an award-winning blogger and a dear friend / coach of mine.

She has several free and elite blogging courses including an ongoing membership where she focuses on teaching others how to setup your blog the right way to start earning traffic and money.

The sharing threads schedule for this group is:

  • Monday – Instagram
  • Tuesday – Twitter
  • Wednesday – Blog Post
  • Thursday – Pinterest
  • Friday – Facebook
  • Saturday – Share Anything
  • Sunday – Video

This group is continuously growing so is a great place to come hang out in.

blogging for new bloggers facebook group

Blogging For New Bloggers

Now this group is owned by two experienced, Australian sister bloggers, Lucrezia & Marina with Blogging for New Bloggers.

Oh and Lucrezia is a lawyer too so has created some extremely affordable legal templates for bloggers to customize and use around the world! She’s also a great coach who’s helped me launch some of my own products too.

In addition to their legal templates and teaching bloggers how to blog legally, they also teach bloggers how to blog period to make money. And their blog makes over $30K per MONTH so they definitely know their stuff. You can view all of their free courses and affordable legal templates here.

The sharing threads schedule for this group is:

  • Monday – Facebook
  • Tuesday – Pinterest
  • Wednesday – Blog Post Share
  • Thursday – Blog Post Comments
  • Friday – Share Anything (even on the main wall)
  • Saturday – Social Media
  • Sunday – Blog Post

This group has one of the highest engagement levels I’ve seen so is definitely a group you want to join.

a self guru facebook group

ASelfGuru – Biz Blog Community

Now meet Amira with A Self Guru. She is also a lawyer and a top-notch blogger. She has extensive legal knowledge and also helps many bloggers grow their blogs while protecting themselves at the same time.

Her group is definitely one to join as you can get all your legal questions answered directly from a lawyer herself. Her Legal Template Bundle is a favorite amongst bloggers and includes the three legal pages all bloggers should have at minimum on their page. And yes, they’re also affordable.

The sharing threads schedule for this group is:

  • Monday – Blog Post Shares
  • Tuesday – Pinterest
  • Wednesday – Blog Comments
  • Thursday – Pinterest Follows / Twitter
  • Friday – Instagram / Facebook
  • Saturday – Pinterest
  • Sunday – Collaboration / Share Anything

Like I mentioned, the most valuable benefit you’ll get from this group is direct access to an experienced lawyer. Oh and did I mention she makes like $60K per MONTH? Yup, goals.

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blogging babes collective facebook group

Blogging Babes Collective

Sasha Lassey with Everyday She’s Sparkling owns this group. She’s such a sweetheart and dedicates so much time into her group, courses and monthly membership to ensure all bloggers turn out to be successful.

Her courses range from a variety of topics like setting up your blog for success, building your email list, making money blogging and so much more. She literally has a ton of courses for bloggers so definitely check them out and join her group.

The sharing threads schedule for this group is:

  • Monday – Blog Post Shares
  • Tuesday – Pinterest
  • Wednesday – Twitter
  • Thursday – Facebook
  • Friday – Blog Post Comments
  • Saturday – Social Media
  • Sunday – Share Anything

Oh and she also provides one-on-one or monthly coaching because hey, sometimes a coach is exactly what we need to know how to blog correctly.

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connect and cultivate facebook group

Connect & Cultivate with Ivory Mix

Now this one is unique as it’s actually NOT owned by a blogger (though she does write amazing articles). This one is owned by Kayla from Ivory Mix, a stock photo owner. Her pictures are AMAZING and are primarily used by bloggers, so of course it was a genius idea for her to create her own blogging group.

So once you get more into blogging, you will come to find that taking and editing your own pictures requires tons of work. In some cases, it can take precious time away from writing your blog content and other money-making tasks.

That’s why Kayla created Ivory Mix, a stock photo membership which includes stock photos, Canva templates for social media and lead magnets, exclusive courses and more.

The sharing threads schedule for this group is:

  • Monday – Instagram
  • Tuesday – Twitter
  • Wednesday – Q&A
  • Thursday – Blog Post
  • Friday – Share a Creation
  • Saturday – Pinterest
  • Sunday – Collaboration

The sharing threads in this group require less reciprocation so takes up less of your time. Plus, it’s a great group to share and ask questions about your designs and images.

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blogging newbs facebook group

Blogging Newbs

This group by McKinzie with Moms Make Cents, is also another Facebook group for bloggers where you can gain lots of insight and make new connections.

Her group is a bit different because although she does have threads, they aren’t all promo threads where you share a link. However, they’re still incredibly helpful and some will even hold you accountable.

The sharing threads schedule for this group is:

  • Monday – Goals
  • Tuesday – Blog Post / Lead Magnet
  • Wednesday – Collaboration
  • Thursday – Social Media
  • Friday – Feedback

Oh and this group also allows you to take the weekend off from reciprocating LOL.

bloggers supporting bloggers facebook group

Bloggers Supporting Bloggers

This group by Jasmine with Miss Millennia Magazine is a super popular one due to its amount of members. She truly wants you to grow your blog so gives plenty of opportunities to help you out with various threads and even advertising options.

The sharing threads schedule for this group is:

  • Monday – Blog Post
  • Tuesday – Facebook
  • Wednesday – Pinterest
  • Thursday – Twitter
  • Friday – Instagram
  • Saturday – Request Anything

Oh and she’s also a great teacher on gaining sponsored posts so be sure to join to get the inside on how she does it.

For Blog Support

Now these groups below unfortunately don’t come with daily share threads but they do come with a boatload of useful information from experienced bloggers.

In fact, these don’t have share threads because they are mostly for support. Support that you’ll receive from expert bloggers along with others who have also learned the ropes.

boss girl bloggers facebook group

Boss Girl Bloggers

Now this is one of my favorite groups! It was created by Lauren with Ell Duclos Blog, the Pinterest queen for lifestyle, beauty and fashion bloggers. However, her strategies can be used for any niche and her Facebook group has definitely expanded to include them all.

Although she’s only been blogging for a few years, she’s managed to learn the ins and outs of Pinterest and shares them with us not only in her group but in her amazing Pinterest with Ell course.

The course helps you learn how to boost your blog traffic using Pinterest-specific strategies to convert Pinterest viewers to blog followers then customers. It has personally helped me grow and professionalize my Pinterest accounts and is now the highest social media platform that drives traffic to my blog. Plus she keeps it updated regularly, even though Pinterest always seems to change their algorithms.

The benefits to this group are:

  • If Ell can support your question, she always responds with useful information
  • Networking with other bloggers of various experience levels
  • Tons of interaction in this group including questions being asked and answered by many different people
  • Weekly Collaboration thread
  • Weekly Feedback thread

With so many members, it’s a great place to find answers to questions you may have, especially if they’re Pinterest related.

blogging on wordpress facebook group

Blogging on WordPress

If you’re not a techie like me, you need to join this group by Grayson Bell with iMark Interactive. Anytime you go to a Facebook group and ask a tech support question, people will normally always refer you to this guy.

And let me tell you, I used to break my site all the time and it drove me crazy. So when I found out he had his very own free Facebook group where you could ask your technical or WordPress questions, I was stoked!

The benefits to this group are:

  • The best place you should be asking any technical or WordPress questions
  • You’ll receive responses from Grayson himself
  • He regularly keeps us updated with any major algorithm or technical changes

So yeah, join this one just in case you ever need support with your WordPress blog.

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blogger education network facebook group

Blogger Education Network

Now Tracie with Tracie Fobes is an expert blogger with an intensive amount of blogging knowledge as she’s been doing it for several years. Now her focus is purely dedicated to helping bloggers achieve success no matter how they want to get there.

She’s created several blogging courses that range from teaching affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, how to blog, social media platforms and so much more.

The benefits to this group are:

  • She runs this group with another expert blogger, Debbie Gartner, and together, they answer all your blogging questions
  • Her blogging tips posts are shared on autopilot, giving you a ton of constant knowledge

So as you see, the number of Facebook groups for bloggers are endless. They bring us bloggers closer together and there are many new, inspiring bloggers joining these daily. Therefore, the need for blogger groups seems it’ll already be there.

Time to Join Some Facebook Groups

So you get the point right? In my opinion, the pros definitely outweigh the cons as joining and becoming a member of a Facebook group for bloggers can bring significant benefits to you and your blog. Plus, the connections you make are totally worth it.So take a look and join the Facebook groups that you feel will be a great fit for you and grow your blog!

Have you tried any of these facebook groups? Which ones do you recommend for bloggers and what is your opinion on them? Let me know in the comments below as I would love to hear from you!

And remember, there is always something to be happy for… Cheers to blogging! What are you cheering to today?